How to Fix the Video Function as a Ringtone on Huawei Phones

Fix the Video Function as a Ringtone on Huawei Phones

The reality is that there are different types of Android users, those who always decide to maintain the same aesthetics of their smartphone at all times until they switch to a new one. And those people who constantly change the look of their mobile phone. From the simple fact of customizing the wallpaper, the icons, the font type to modifying the notifications and, of course, the ringtone .

And as you already knew, some Huawei phones offer us the opportunity to set any type of video that we have stored on our smartphone as a ringtone. However, when activating it, different types of problems may arise or even that after a while this functionality so used by many stops working without prior notice. Therefore, in this article we are going to give you the necessary steps to fix it forever and that it never becomes a headache again.

Check that your mobile has this function

Before checking if our Huawei is compatible with this function, we have to warn you that, obviously, choosing this option will consume more battery than an audio and if they call you several times a day the power of your mobile device will suffer slightly. more than if it were a normal tone.

And as we said, setting a video as a ringtone on Huawei phones is not available to everyone. Not because it is something complicated to configure, which is not at all because the steps are extremely easy to follow, but because it is a feature that began to be added to EMUI 9.1, like other different novelties that this update brought with it.

video como tono de llamada

Not even all updated smartphones can take advantage of this tool. Although with the arrival of EMUI 10 in our lives, this tool has spread to more devices and by making use of it you will see how, when a contact calls you, the one we have set will appear on the screen, with its audio included.

In addition, it will be rare to find a user who does not already have this functionality. And much more if you have a new mobile in your hands. However, first make sure you have one of the latest versions of Huawei software and then go to the Phone app> Settings> Ringtone and check if you have the Videos as ringtone function . In the event that it does not appear, it will mean that your terminal does not support this possibility.

Set Videos as Ringtone

Of course, if you don’t want everyone who calls you to activate the video set as a ringtone, you can also assign it to a specific number of contacts that you choose. In this way, your Huawei will not always consume a large battery, because you yourself will choose who is the lucky one to have a video every time he calls you . Of course, the configuration is somewhat similar, so it will not be difficult to follow.

In the event that, if you have an updated smartphone in your possession, at least to EMUI 10, you should find this tool in the sound options of the smartphone settings as we show you above or the one that we will show you below. Therefore, all you have to do is check if the settings are correct. And these will be the following steps that you must follow:

  1. First, access the app of the Settings system of your Huawei mobile.
  2. Then, access the Sounds and vibration menu.
  3. Scroll down to the lower options where you will find the Ringtone menu.
  4. At the top, click on Videos as ringtone .

video como tono de llamada huawei

After this, a gallery will open with all the videos stored on your phone. We will simply have to select the one we want to use as the tone and click on the accept button that is located in the lower right part of the panel of our smartphone. Once we have correctly configured that we have everything right, it will only be necessary for someone to call us to check if it works again.

Although you can also configure a specific one for specific contacts by performing the same steps that we have just indicated. To do this, we must access Contactor, choose the one we prefer and click on the section called the default Tone. Then, we will have to select Videos as the tone and choose the one we want.

Why is it not activated when I receive calls?

After checking that we have this functionality well in our Huawei mobile and even so it still does not go, it is time to check other aspects. The first thing we will have to do is check if we use a third-party app to call the contacts of our terminal. For that, we will open Settings> Default applications > Phone. Once inside, we will have to see if we use the one that is pre-installed in all the mobile phones of the Chinese firm by default. If we have a third-party one, we will have to select the Contacts application and then close all the apps in the background.

In the event that it still does not work, we will have to find out if the video file that we used for the calls has been deleted, moved or has another name. More than anything, because we have made some of these possibilities we will have to reconfigure this Huawei function . If everything was in order, it will be the turn to check if the function Announce by voice incoming calls is enabled.

Anunciar por voz llamadas Huawei

Basically because if we have this tool enabled on our mobile device, and the phone has been connected to another device, such as headphones or a smart watch, a preset ringtone will be played on the device that we have connected every time we receive an incoming call. So the one we selected will never play. Therefore, go to Calls> click on the three dots> Settings> Voice control and disable Announce incoming calls by voice .

If after all the previous steps this tool still does not work, we will have to see if the Storage permission for the Phone app has been denied. To do this, you will have to enter Settings> Applications> Show system processes and search for Phone. Then, we will have to access Permissions> Memory and configure the Storage access permission to Allow. This way it should work without any problem.

Finally, we can also try to open the multimedia storage data and then reconfigure this function. Although it is one of the last options that we recommend. In addition, it is advisable to make a backup copy before proceeding to delete such data.