How to Fix Problems Paying with Your Realme Mobile

Nowadays, more and more of us use the smartphone to pay for our purchases, either through our banking app or through tools such as PayPal or Google Pay. These apps use the NFC to connect with a payment terminal and transfer money between our cards and the store.

Of course, in order to pay with your mobile, whatever the brand, you must first configure Google Pay or the tool you are using to make your purchases. It is a fairly simple process that goes through accepting a series of conditions and adding piggy or debit cards to these apps by taking photos or entering your data by hand.

google pay

If you cannot pay with your Realme mobile , the first thing you should do is check if you have the cards correctly configured in the app in question and, above all, check that NFC connectivity is enabled. However, there are times when meeting these requirements the problem continues to persist.

Many users complain about the appearance of an annoying message when making their payments with Realme smartphones . It alerts you to a risk to the integrity of the system and encourages you to fix it before using paid apps.

fallo realme

Unfortunately, if we click on the “fix” button, we will not get much because the failure can be repeated in a short time. What’s going on?

Fix problems with apps to pay in Realme

This problem usually makes an appearance when an unlocked mobile has been bought but there are users who continue to see how the smartphone, without root, shows the same alert notice.

The origin of this problem to pay with your realme mobile is in the payment protection tool that is hidden in the phone’s security app. To alleviate it, you must open the “Phone Manager” app that you could find among the programs installed on your smartphone.

Once inside, click on Payment Protection and you will find an interface where all the apps to pay that you have installed on your mobile phone appear. Simply disable app protection for these paid apps and go back to the app you were trying to pay for your purchases with.

pagos realme

The most logical thing is that, after changing this setting in the configuration of your Realme, the problem has been resolved and you can pay again with your smartphone as normal.

If that is not the case…

Hard reset

The last solution we must adopt when something fails in our mobile is to return the phone to its original state. This will eliminate any problems or apps that are causing a mismatch in the phone’s settings so that it can be used normally again.

On Realme phones, doing a Hard Reset is as simple as accessing the Settings menu, looking for the additional Settings menu and, at the bottom, clicking on Backup and reset. At the end of all you will see the option to erase all the data from the phone (so you must have a backup of all the information that you save on the smartphone) and return it to its factory state.