Fix the problems of the headphones when using them with the mobile

It is very common to combine the use of our mobile with headphones, it does not matter if we are fans of wireless and tiny in-ear style or if we prefer cables and headband style. For either of the two cases we are going to run into a series of problems linked to the smartphone that spoil our experience and prevent us from enjoying them.

So that this does not continue to happen to you, we are going to give you the keys to end the errors that generate so many headaches. Although some of the solutions are explicitly intended for a problem, we can put them into practice in other cases, as long as we reach the solution that has so far escaped.

Fix the problems of the headphones

I can’t hear anything

The moment we connect our mobile and headphones , we hope that when we press play, the music begins to play. But surprisingly this is not always the case and we have to spend some time trying to make it possible. Life between these two devices is not easy or at least not as easy as we would like.

Check the sound

Although it may seem like a very basic thing, you would be surprised how many times it has happened that someone complains that these do not sound, but in reality only the volume fails . Just by playing the music or video and then touching the volume controls on the side of the phone, we will get the multimedia sound to be activated. It is not the same as that of calls or notifications and therefore we recommend touching the volume controls after putting a song.

volumen reproducir sonido

But the thing does not stop there, since by pressing on the three points of the volume control the place where we are reproducing the sound will appear. Even if we have headphones connected, if some other speaker or device near us has been linked, it could be the one that receives the desired sound. We will therefore have to change it or turn off that device manually.

Problems linking them

In the fabulous world of wireless headphones there are many brands and models, but in the end they all work in a similar way and it is common for pairing errors to appear. A problem that we save in those that are based on cable entry.

To correct this problem, we will have to arm ourselves with patience to achieve it and follow these steps in your sound headphones next to the mobile:

conectar bluetooth

  • We access the mobile Settings.
  • We enter the menu for devices and connections.
  • We activate the Bluetooth and the search will begin.
  • Now we turn on the helmets.
  • We start the pairing that is usually achieved by just turning it on, keeping the button pressed or touching the Bluetooth icon.
  • Then on the mobile we wait to see them and identify them with the name of the model or brand.

There are times where, no matter how much we do this, we cannot do it and for those cases we recommend testing in places away from too many Bluetooth devices to avoid interference. In the case of wireless, we should also proceed to do it with both running.

They disconnect

The problem can get worse in case we are faced with an undesirable problem and that is that the connection is lost. This failure can occur whether we have wired headphones, or if we use them wirelessly. In the case of the cable, finding the problem is easier, since we only have to look at whether the input is still connected to the mobile or something has happened to it.

samsung sonido auriculares 01

Sometimes, although at first glance it may seem that it is still connected, it really is not like that and by pushing or moving it a little, we verify that it is connected correctly. This is mainly due to dirt at the entrance. We can clean it ourselves with care and a pin so as not to damage the elements, accompanying these blowing movements to extract the dust.

Meanwhile, if the connection is lost and we use the wireless audio accessory, things will be different and we have to assess the following circumstances:

  • The distance: the Bluetooth range is not infinite and if we move further than 10 meters we can start to see errors with the sound.
  • Interferences: the further it is, the easier it is to suffer interference that can also appear nearby if we have many products connected to WiFi or Bluetooth around us.
  • Insufficient battery: some headphones to warn us that they are running out of battery disconnect, although if we try to turn them on they still have some power left.
  • Punctual failure: other times the problem occurs without further ado and with only a restart of the mobile and / or cases it will be solved.

Lousy sound

We come to one of the problems with the headphones that can annoy us the most and it is none other than the sound is not to your liking. Although they all arrive as standard prepared to be enjoyed, it is not to everyone’s taste and no matter how good they are, it is not enough for us. For those cases, we have a series of things to do and that we are going to detail.


Many Android smartphones come standard with an equalizer that helps us define a style when using headphones. In many cases also Dolby Atmos technology, what he commanded can give us much better results than we had until now. You just have to go into Settings> Sound and configure it.

Dolby atmos logo negro

In case we do not have the option, we can always go to the Play Store to download an equalizer such as Flat Equalizer that in a simple and fast way allows us to improve the sound to our liking.

Change the Bluetooth codec

An old-school trick to get good sound next to the mobile that does not fail in the face of the results in the headphones via Bluetooth is to modify the codec. The terminals come with a preset that buys the sound at the same time, but we can change it to achieve an improved quality. A process that requires us to have developer options with these steps:

  • We enter Settings.
  • Next we look for About the phone.
  • We choose Build number.
  • And we repeatedly play on it.

sonido bluetooth samsung

Then you just have to go into Settings> Developer options and look for the hidden option that gives access to the Audio Codec. In it we have to try the alternatives, to find the one that best combines between the mobile and the headphones.