Fix Problems in Windows 10: Ways to Identify Them

Computers are not perfect. It is very simple that in our day to day we can find all kinds of problems: errors when opening applications, problems with sound, printers, errors when connecting to the Internet, with Bluetooth, keyboard, etc. It is true that Windows 10 is often capable of automatically detecting these problems and solving them without us noticing. But this is not always the case, and sometimes we can run into all kinds of problems and errors that prevent us from using Windows normally. And this is how we must detect, and solve, all these problems .

Problems when using Windows 10 can appear at any time: when installing an update, while browsing, while listening to music … The cause of these failures can be anything from a problem with the driver to a service that has been disabled or restarted badly, and even that a program is interfering with the computer. It may even be a virus.

Fix Problems in Windows 10

Many times, these problems are solved by restarting on the computer. Restarting the PC causes the entire system to shutdown and load again. Restarting is not the same as turning it on and off, hence the importance of the concept. Therefore, before starting the following tests, it is necessary to perform this reset. It’s two minutes, and it almost certainly makes our PC work better. We can also analyze the PC with an antivirus , such as Windows Defender, to rule out that it is a problem with viruses, Trojans or other types of malware.

If we continue to have errors in Windows 10 , then we can start using the following options.

Troubleshoot Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a large collection of tools to help us detect and fix all kinds of problems that we may run into while using the operating system. These tools are known as ” Troubleshooters “, and we can find them by opening the Settings menu (Windows + I), under Update and security> Troubleshoot .

Ir a solucionar problemas en Windows 10

Here we are going to see a section where Windows will indicate if it has detected any error in the system and will offer us a series of recommendations to solve them. We will also be able to see all the troubleshooters that have been automatically run in Windows in the section ” View the history of troubleshooting “.

Historial de solución de problemas Windows 10

But the section that interests us is “Additional problem solvers”. Within it we will be able to find all these tools that Windows 10 offers us to detect and solve all kinds of problems on our PC.

Windows 10 divides its own troubleshooters into two categories. The first of them, the 4 most used tools that can affect the direct use of the operating system. These tools are:

  • Internet connections : they allow us to search for and correct all kinds of connection failures, as well as problems when visiting web pages.
  • Printer: allows you to search and solve printing problems (connection to the printer, communication, etc.).
  • Audio Playback – Finds and fixes all problems related to PC audio.
  • Windows Update : Problems updating Windows? This tool allows us to solve them.

Solucionadores de problemas W10 - 1

And we will also find other tools to solve other problems in Windows 10, such as:

  • Network adapter – Detects and fixes problems with wireless connections or other network adapters.
  • Windows Store Applications : Fixes problems that prevent you from using the Microsoft Store or downloading and running programs from this store.
  • Bluetooth: Find and fix problems with Bluetooth connections.
  • Search and indexing : if the Windows search engine has been blocked, this tool allows you to repair it.
  • Shared Folders – Finds and fixes access problems to files and folders on other computers.
  • Incoming Connections – Detects and fixes problems with the firewall and other reasons why the PC cannot receive traffic.
  • Connecting to a workspace with DirectAccessFinds and fixes connection problems to these types of workspaces.
  • Power : Allows us to look for problems and bad settings in the power options of the PC to improve performance and extend battery life.
  • Audio recording : Detect and solve problems when recording audio on the PC.
  • Video playback : if we have problems opening videos in Windows, this tool allows us to solve them.
  • Troubleshooting Program Compatibility : Finds and fixes errors that occur when opening or using programs due to a compatibility failure.
  • Keyboard: allows us to detect and repair problems that can make the keyboard not work.
  • Voice: Helps prepare the microphone for Windows 10 to hear us.

Solucionadores de problemas W10 - 2

Each of these tools launches its own wizard. This will show us a progress bar while the PC is being analyzed, and when it is finished it will allow us to see if any problem has been detected or not. We can even see all the aspects that have been analyzed to try to detect the problem.

Many times, Windows 10 will be able to make the necessary changes and adjustments automatically without having to do anything ourselves. But, if not, it will tell us what we should try, or do, to try to solve the problems. And it will guide us step by step during the process.

Programs to diagnose Windows

In addition to Windows 10 troubleshooters, it is also possible to resort to other third-party programs to try to detect and fix the various bugs and problems that we may encounter in Windows 10.

Software problems

The following programs will allow us to detect possible problems related to the software on our computer, either with Windows itself or with any of its programs.

Windows Event Viewer

One of the tools that are installed in Windows 10 by default is the event viewer. A record of absolutely everything that happens on the PC is kept in this database. We can open this tool by typing ” Event Viewer ” in the Windows 10 search bar.

Visor de eventos de Windows 10

From the new window that we see we will be able to review all the events, and events, that have taken place in our Windows.

Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox is a program made up of a large number of third-party tools and applications thanks to which we will be able to monitor the state of our PC. With this tool we will be able to control practically any aspect of Windows, and it will also help us to solve possible problems that we may find in it.

This program is very small (it occupies 3 MB only) and it can also be used in a portable way, so it does not need to be installed on the PC. As we need to use the different tools that this kit offers us, these will be downloaded automatically and will be saved so we don’t have to launch them again. Some tools, like chkdsk, sfc, regedit, or msconfig, obviously don’t have to be downloaded.

The sections offered by this program are:

  • Tools: set of tools for analysis, monitoring and recovery of the operating system.
  • Malware Removal: a series of tools to disinfect our PC from viruses and remove all kinds of malicious software. In addition, from here we can update Windows and other critical programs, such as Flash, Java or Adobe Reader.
  • Custom Tools: a series of additional tools that we can execute in a personalized way.
  • Final Tests: Includes a series of tests to check the status of certain system settings, or the association of Windows files. We can also check the operation of our Webcam and our microphone.
  • Notes: offers us a formatted notepad, very useful for copying text, pasting any content and quickly saving the logs of the different programs.
  • Settings: allows access to the program settings.

We can download this program for free from here .

IObit Driver Booster

Iobit Driver Booster is a program designed to help us solve all kinds of problems related to PC drivers in a very simple way. However, in addition to allowing us to update the PC drivers, this program also allows us to detect and solve a series of problems and failures that may be causing our PC to malfunction. Some of these tools are for all users, and others are only for Pro version users.

IObit Driver Booster - 5

Hardware issues

In addition, we can also use the following programs, or the following tools, to help us diagnose possible hardware problems on our PC.


CPU-Z - Información sobre CPU - 1

This small program allows us to scan our system to check the hardware configuration internally. It is very useful to avoid compatibility problems with some components, being able to choose the one that best suits the rest of the internal components of our PC. A very small and simple tool with which it is possible to carry out a quick, simple and effective diagnosis of all the hardware on our PC.

We can download CPU-Z from here .

Performance monitor

Monitor de rendimiento W10

This is one of the tools that are installed by default in Windows 10. This program will open a window from which we can see the percentage of use of the processor , or the amount of CPU used. Allows you to add more counters, such as disk usage, used energy, paging file size, search index size, and many other items.

A tool that we all have at hand that will help us diagnose any problem that is causing our PC to go slow without the need to install any third-party software.

Reliability monitor

Monitor de confiabilidad W10

Another tool, which is included in Windows from Vista, and that many users are unaware of. We can open this tool from the Control Panel, within the Security and maintenance section, displaying the options within the Maintenance section. Here we will find a link called ” View reliability history ” that, when clicking on it, will show us the Reliability Monitor.