Fix misfires on your OPPO mobile

Like it or not, software and hardware bugs on mobile devices could appear when we least expect them. For this reason, on our site we frequently tell you about the various types of failures that we can suffer on our mobiles. However, few are as tricky as when problems arise with turning on the phone or the screen itself. OPPO mobiles are not free either, but luckily, once again, we will have at our disposal several elements to try to solve it.

Fix misfires on your OPPO mobile

Also, no matter if our Chinese OPPO phone has a long or a short time, power problems can arise at any time and manifest themselves in various ways. With this error, we can find ourselves in two tessitura. One allows us to maneuver within our mobile, since misfires are intermittent. In the second case, we will not be able to turn on the smartphone. We will see the possible solutions for both situations.

If the fault is intermittent …

If this is intermittent, it may be the fault of the Power button working randomly. Sometimes, we can turn the screen on and off , or turn off and on the mobile , and if it does not respond as desired … We will have to do a series of checks to try to find the error and solve it completely on the device.

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Blame the hardware or software?

In OPPO phones, we have our own diagnostic tool that allows us to check the operation of both the software and the hardware . That is to say, we are facing a tool that is integrated as standard in the mobiles of this Chinese firm. Therefore, to be able to access this function we will have to enter Phone manager> Component check. Then, click on ‘Start verification’ and wait for the process to finish. When finished, the mobile will tell us if problems have been found and the steps that we must follow to solve them.

And, best of all, it will warn us if the problem is due to a hardware failure of the phone itself or, on the contrary, this error is caused by the software of the OPPO device itself.

Optimize your mobile

As we have seen on many other occasions, if we are facing a software error that is making it impossible for our device to turn on correctly, the option to optimize the mobile may be the solution .

To do this, we have three key steps, which can fix the problem:

  • Delete junk files from the cache and scan for viruses, entering Security / Optimize Center.
  • Close all the applications that are running in the background: we will have to click on the button for recent tasks or multitasking and click on close at the bottom of the screen.
  • Uninstall unnecessary apps : review the installed applications and eliminate those that we do not use or that are likely to be causing the problem.
  • Review software updates : within Settings> Software Updates, we must check that we do not have any pending updates. If so, we will have to proceed to update our mobile to see if the fault disappears.

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If it no longer lights up …

This case is much more delicate, because, basically, we will have less room for maneuver. In addition, the worst part is that we will not be able to use the tools that the terminal software offers us. We will even have the great doubt of knowing if the phone does not turn on, has a black or frozen screen .

In any case, it is possible that any of the following solutions will work and you will have your OPPO mobile working correctly again.

Is it the screen or the phone?

If we are not very clear if the fault is on the screen or on the phone, the easiest way to check it will be by checking if the terminal rings when it is turned on. With this simple trick, we will get to know if it is an error of the touch panel of the phone. More than anything, because if it rings but nothing is seen, we would be facing a problem with the OPPO mobile screen itself. On the other hand, if it does not emit any sound or vibration when trying to turn it on, it will be a misfire.

Force restart the mobile

This method can make us rule out if we have the mobile turned off or if the screen is frozen black . To do this we will have to press and hold the power buttons and turn up the volume for 8 seconds until we see the OPPO logo. This method will not erase any content from our mobile.

Try another cover

Many third-party protective cases and covers may not properly fit the size and specifications of our Chinese firm phone. For this same reason, the optical sensor on the mobile device screen can get blocked and cause the terminal panel to turn black and not turn on at any time. To check if the culprit is the case, we just have to try another case or remove it immediately.

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Is it the screen saver?

If you have recently decided to join the club of those users who use screen savers , but it is from then on that you have had problems with the Chinese firm’s phone. It is more than likely that it is because of the protector that you have added to your smartphone. To check it, we just have to remove it, and see if the terminal continues to give the same error or has already disappeared.

Move it to a colder place

Overheating can cause the phone to lock up and be unable to turn on. This usually happens after long periods of play and especially when the mobile was charging at the same time . To try to fix it we will have to put the mobile in a colder environment, out of the sun’s rays and wait a few minutes before trying to turn it on again.

Put it to load

In this case we will have to charge the mobile for at least 30 minutes and try to turn it on again. This usually occurs when the battery is completely discharged and ignition is impossible. If the problem persists, we should continue trying the following solutions.

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Use recovery mode

We can try to enter Recovery Mode or recovery mode by holding down the Power and Volume Down buttons for 8 seconds. We wait for the phone to enter Recovery Mode. From there we can update the system or force a reboot of the device with ColorOS.

Do a Hard Reset

First of all, we advise you to save everything you do not want to lose in the cloud or on a computer. Afterwards, we can perform the Hard Reset on the OPPO mobile without having any fear of losing the data.

To do it on the phone, we will have to follow a series of steps. First, we will turn off the phone. When it is off, we must press and hold the power button + volume down until the OPPO logo appears. Then, we touch the option of Wipe data> Format data and to confirm we must enter the code that appears on the phone screen. Lastly, the phone will reboot automatically.

Power button broken?

In the latter case, it will be impossible for us to both turn off and turn on the smartphone. If the power button has suffered any damage due to, for example, a fall, we may need help from OPPO Technical Service to fix it. Therefore, in these cases, we will not be able to fix it on our own as it is a broken key of the mobile phone.