Fix major Spotify issues with Android Auto

Google has a huge number of interesting applications under its label and one of them is Android Auto. Mainly, because it provides an easy and simple way to carry out mobile-related actions without taking your eyes off the road, such as searching for a route on Google Maps and even listening to music on Spotify without complications.

The latter is one of the most common activities, since almost the vast majority of users listen to all kinds of songs while driving, not only to have fun, but also to stay awake. That is why experiencing errors related to the streaming music playback program can be a real headache, although they have a solution that does not hide much difficulty.

Fix major Spotify issues with Android Auto

Why Spotify crashes on Android Auto

There are many problems that Android Auto suffers and it is the main complaint of the community. Among the most annoying are those that have to do with Spotify when playing music, whose origin is usually an unstable state of the app due to a pending update, although it is not the only one. Anyway, we are going to show you how you can solve the situation and enjoy the trip in all its splendor with all the solutions that you have at your disposal, either because the application does not work, pauses or does not work directly.

  • Clear the cache and data of the app

Borrar datos Spotify

The failure is likely directly related to Spotify due to a collection of corrupted or damaged files . So the solution is to clear the cache and data of the app to get back to normal. Carrying out this procedure is as simple as pressing and holding on the corresponding icon and tapping on “Information” to access the “Storage use” section to delete both aspects.

  • restart the smartphone

Sometimes the easiest way to fix the error is to restart your device and reconnect it to Android Auto. There are times when a failure in the software configuration causes operating problems and turning off the mobile for a few minutes to turn it on again later is a recommended option.

  • Exclude Spotify from battery optimization

Optimizar batería Spotify

Users have repeatedly expressed numerous complaints about the disappearance of apps from the vehicle screen . It seems that this problem comes as a result of the phone’s battery optimization, so open the settings and go to the battery section. Click on “Advanced settings” and then on “Optimize battery use. Locate Spotify and select “Don’t Optimize.”

  • Reinstall the Spotify app

In the event that the above does not work, try uninstalling and downloading the program again. Likewise, we recommend that it be the original application and not an APK, since this could be the trigger for the problem.

  • Update the system or both applications

One of the most common alternatives is that the error is caused by a system failure. In this sense, the only possible solution is to update to the latest version of Android or the two applications involved (Android Auto and Spotify). If by some chance there are no updates available, all that remains is to wait for the release of a patch that fixes it.

  • Set Spotify as default music service

Spotify por defecto

This is a solution that has worked for some users , while not for others. Anyway, you have nothing to lose by trying to set Spotify as the default app to listen to music and check if the bug has disappeared. To do this, open your mobile settings and use the top search bar to enter “Assistant Settings” and tap on the first option. Swipe all the way down to open the “Music” section and tap Spotify to link the service.