How to fix iCloud Drive not working on Windows

Within the wide number of cloud platforms that have their own application for Windows, we can find iCloud Drive, developed by Apple, but which also has its own application so that we can access all our data saved from a computer with the system Microsoft operating. All you have to do is log in with your Apple ID and password. However, it is easy for us to find certain synchronization errors that could end up negatively affecting our experience.

From the iCloud Drive app it is possible to access all the stored files from a Windows PC. The pity is that the application (which does not have good ratings within the Microsoft Store) may be able to give us more of a headache with its integrated file synchronization service.

fix iCloud Drive not working on Windows

Why iCloud Drive is not working properly

iCloud Drive is the application created by Apple so that its users can access all the content stored in the cloud such as photos, videos or documents from a PC with Windows 10. That it is not the best application for Windows is somewhat debatable since it is generally a slow, clumsy software whose downloading of files can be endless. Also, sometimes we may find that iCloud is capable of syncing.

Some of the most common reasons why we can find these failures can be derived from:

  • The system or the application is not up to date.
  • The internet connection is unstable.
  • Storage space in iCloud is insufficient.
  • Apple iCloud server error.
  • Equipment system failure.
  • Corrupt synced files.

If we find ourselves with the problem that iCloud Drive is not able to correctly synchronize our data stored in Windows 10, it can be a source of problems, so we are going to present a series of tips that we can do to try to solve it.

Fix iCloud Drive not syncing on Windows

Next, we are going to present a series of tips that we can do in the event that iCloud gives us errors when it comes to synchronizing our files on a Windows PC. Follow each of the steps in order to try to fix it.

Reactivate the iCloud Drive service

The first measure we are going to take is to make sure that iCloud Drive is not working on our computer , especially if we have just installed it. We must look for the application within the Start menu or the system tray and log in with our credentials. Later we will make sure that the iCloud Drive icon and the other options that appear are marked. Once done, click on “Apply”. This should activate iCloud Drive and be able to access our files from its icon located in the system tray.

Reactivar iCloud Drive

Restart your computer and force quit iCloud

The sync error may be due to some temporary glitch that causes iCloud Drive upload to stop unexpectedly. This is something we can try to fix by restarting the computer . In the event that we cannot exit the iCloud Drive application, we must force its exit from the Task Manager.

iCloud finalizar tarea

To do this we press the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” buttons and access the “Task Manager”. Later we look for and select the iCloud process, click on it with the right button and click on “End task”. This can help us fix minor errors. We restart the computer and access iCloud Drive again to check if it already works correctly.

Correctly verify account details

To solve the problem of synchronization of iCloud Drive with Windows we can also verify the details of the account. This is something we can check by logging out, which will close all active tabs and log back in again. To do so, simply click on the “Close session” button and log in again by entering our Apple ID and password again . In this way we check if the synchronization problems can be solved.

iCloud Drive cerrar sesión

Check the status of the service on the Apple website

The cause of the error may be derived from a problem with the servers . To check if everything works correctly, Apple has a website with all the services and applications along with their current status, so we can check if for any reason it is deactivated at any time, which prevents us from running it. To do this, it will only be necessary to access the Apple System Status website . Here we will see all the services and applications of the firm, so if we see a green symbol along with the application icon, it is working. If not, a red symbol will appear and confirm that there is a problem at this time. Therefore, we should try to access it at another time.

Comprobar el estado del servicio de iCloud en la web de Apple

Check the Internet connection status

If iCloud works well on a regular basis, the synchronization failure may be due to a bad signal from our Internet connection . If the Internet connection is not good, iCloud may not be able to function properly since it needs a good connection to properly synchronize the data.

Solucionador de problemas de red

To check the connection, press the shortcut “Windows + I” to access the “Configuration” section. Here we select the option “Network and Internet” to check its current status. In case of any problem with the network we can use the “Troubleshoot network problems” to check and repair.

Check the available storage in iCloud

In order for the iCloud Drive application to correctly synchronize files in Windows 10, we must make sure that we have enough free storage space in our account. In case we run out of space, iCloud won’t sync. To check if this is the case, we must open the iCloud application and check the storage status. In case it is about to run out, you will have to free up some space or opt for one of its paid storage levels.

iCloud Drive Almacenamiento

Use iCloud Drive from the web

If we cannot solve the file sync problem from the iCloud Drive for Windows application, we can choose to use iCloud Drive on the web . From there it will be possible to upload and download files, change the name of both files and folders, share them with other users, etc., so their use may be more than enough. That is why it can become a solution in case the Windows application has stopped working for any reason.

iCloud Web