How to Fix Calendar Country and Holiday Issues on Samsung

One of the applications that comes by default in Samsung mobiles and that we can use the most is the calendar, designed to organize our day to day quickly and easily. However, it is not always as easy and fast as we would like, as several users have run into a bug. The problem with the country in the Samsung mobile calendar that can make them give a lot of laps.

Fix Calendar Country and Holiday Issues on Samsung

As we are going to know on this occasion, this is easily solved with a few concrete steps. We just have to find out where to change the country on our calendar and in turn the holidays that are shown, at which time many do not know how to continue. This problem that began in Android 8, is still present today in some Samsung models independent of the One UI version, although once it turned out, it will not give us problems as long as we have this smartphone.

How to change the calendar country on Samsung

Although on many occasions the problem has been recognized by showing the calendar of a country other than ours, this is not really the case and it should be known as an alternative calendar in Samsung . If we really have a problem with the country’s calendar, what we should know is that the region cannot be changed on the Samsung Galaxy, only the language.

On the other hand, when the alternative calendar of our Samsung mobile is wrong, we will see a series of holidays very different from those of our country, as well as a distribution that may be strange to us. To solve this, you just have to follow these steps that we show you:

calendario alternativo país samsung

  • We enter the mobile calendar.
  • We touch in the upper section on Settings.
  • This will bring us a panel with several options.
  • Here we choose first the first day of the week, which naturally in Spain will be Monday.
  • Then we touch on the alternative calendar and choose the None option to have what corresponds to Spain.

Calendar holidays still bad

Now that we have made the previous change, the holidays should be configured automatically, although for that we have to be connected to the Internet. If not, we connect it and sometimes it is necessary to restart the mobile. Once this is done we return to the calendar when we check that the calendar of our Samsung is fixed and if we have not succeeded we will have to take another step.

festivos moviles samsung

We enter the calendar settings as before, look for the “Calendars” option and choose the one that corresponds to our country. With just this, everything should be solved and configured to our region.