Fix an electric scooter: spare parts and solutions

Fix an electric scooter: spare parts and solutions

Electric scooters have become a widely used vehicle in cities due to their versatility, portability and price. Most of the models that are sold have relatively affordable prices, and at the moment, there are no fees or mandatory insurance to be able to use one in our country. However, the scooter requires some action on the part of the user so that it remains in one piece and can last as long as possible. If you have bought a scooter and want to keep it in good condition, follow these steps to keep good control of its maintenance.

What should I keep on a scooter?

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For a vehicle to last as long as possible, not have expensive breakages and keep its features intact, you have to spend a little time and money to check its components. Maintaining a car, a motorcycle or a scooter is really an investment . A little effort that will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Scooters, like any vehicle, have wear items and fixed components. It will not be worth changing the motor, the battery or the chassis, so it will be more important for you to take care of these components with care. But, on the other hand, there are elements that can be worn out, damaged or even lost along the way, as is the case with reflectors.

The basic thing you should have in order to maintain your scooter is a set of Allen keys . They are very cheap, and can save you from many troubles. Most electric scooters use these types of keys. However, do a check before launching the purchase just in case.

tire maintenance

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Without a doubt, the element to which you should pay the most attention. A flat tire can ruin your day. On most scooters, swapping one tire for another can be tricky, especially the one on the drive wheel. Therefore, it is convenient for you to take care of it so as not to have to have a bad drink. The wheels are wear items , but you’re going to have to do a lot of miles before you need to replace them. Scooter tires lose pressure little by little, just like in cars.

To avoid a puncture, you must have your tires at the proper pressure . Each scooter model has a type of tire and a recommended pressure . The more you weigh, the more pressure you should put on the wheel. On the Internet you can find recommendation tables that will give you an idea of how much pressure you should put in each specific tire based on your weight. As a guideline, a user of about 60 kilos with a Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S scooter with standard wheels (8 1/2 inches) can put 3 BAR of pressure in the front wheel and 3.3 BAR in the rear of the scooter. With the right pressure, you will prevent the tire from being soft when going over a branch or a hit with a curb bursting the inner tube of the tire.

To do this maintenance, the ideal is to have an automatic inflator . In this case there is no better product than the Xiaomi inflator . It has a battery, you can carry it in any backpack – although it weighs a bit – and you can inflate a tire without effort. It is recommended to measure the tire pressures every two or three weeks if you do not use the scooter much or every week if you use it very intensively.

brake maintenance

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The brake is another important element of the safety of your scooter. We recommend that you adjust the retention of the electric motor of your scooter to the maximum. In this way, you will have to use it as little as possible, and it will last longer. However, as a wear part, it will lose performance over time. This is what you should do to ensure your safety:

Brake disc

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With use, your scooter’s brake disc can bend with use . You will notice it because you will begin to hear an atrocious squeak, and people on the street will look at you with a frown.

In these cases, there are three options you can do:

  • Adjust the screws to separate the brake caliper from the disc and stop rubbing. It is not ideal, because now when you have to brake, you will have to press the brake lever more sharply.
  • Straighten the disc – If you have the right tools, you can use a sander to straighten the disc.
  • Replace the disk : it is the most suitable option, since these disks are quite affordable. You will simply have to look for a replacement equivalent to the original.

brake pads

It is not usual, but they can be spent . In this case, the tablets are usually sold in large packs, and are usually quite cheap. To avoid wearing out the pads, the correct thing to do is to adjust the retention of the scooter’s motor to the maximum. By doing so, you’ll have to pull less on the brake, and the pads will last longer.

adjust the brake

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Your record may not bend, but you may still hear the squeak. This is because you have to adjust the brake bite from time to time.

To do this, loosen the screw that holds the brake cable a little with the Allen key. Now, press the brake lever to the maximum and without releasing, tighten the screw again. Check by turning the wheel by hand to make sure it no longer rubs against the disc . If you haven’t fixed it, it’s possible that the brake caliper is twisted, or that the disc is bent.

Good charging habits

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Changing the battery of a scooter can be expensive and also an impossible operation in some models. Therefore, it is important to take care of it.

To do this, avoid stress . Start your ride by pushing the scooter well with your leg on the ground to avoid unnecessary strain on the battery.

Do not take your vehicle to extreme situations either . Try as much as possible not to take it to very low battery percentages, as this quickly degrades the lithium cells. In the same way, you can disconnect the charger when you have the scooter over 90%. Cutting off the load ahead of time can also help extend its life .

Other security elements

You can’t forget about these other aspects either.

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You also have to review other aspects of the scooter. If you hit a curb hard, for example, it can cause your scooter’s axle to bend . With the handlebar straight, the front wheel of your vehicle will not be straight.

This problem can be corrected with the same Allen keys, removing the mast at the point where it folds and putting the bearing back in place. In case it is damaged, you should replace it.


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The side reflectors of your scooter can fall off due to vibration. If it happens to you, you should buy replacements and install them as soon as you notice it.

Other ways to prevent punctures

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There are rigid wheels , which will mean that you never have to worry about bursting a wheel. However, their use by city does not convince us, and we do not recommend that you install them.

Rigid wheels have worse grip, they transmit shocks and vibrations more and can be a danger if you go over a wet surface.

In this case, there are two better solutions :

  • 10-inch wheels – Many scooters can be modified to carry larger wheels. You will have less autonomy —because the contact surface increases—, but you will gain in safety and comfort. It is recommended that you go to a specialized store to have them installed. Also take advantage of the visit to level up your brakes and install a double piston caliper.
  • Anti-puncture fluid : You shouldn’t need this, but if you’re afraid of getting a puncture one day and being stranded in the middle of nowhere, you can use solutions like SLIME fluid. It is a compound that is inserted into the air chamber and that will seal a puncture as soon as it occurs. The product is very affordable and you can use it to prevent a disaster if you see fit.