Five games to enjoy 'freezing to death' these days

We are experiencing some of the coldest days of the whole winter and the truth is that one wants to go home, turn on the heating, wrap up with a blanket and start playing in front of the TV or the PC with a video game in which there are only snowy, icy, polar, frozen plains… to laugh a little in the face of the squall Juliette (which is the culprit of the one we have involved).

When the rook flies low…

Five games to enjoy 'freezing to death' these days

If you live anywhere in Spain, you will surely have noticed that we have had extremely low temperatures for a couple of days for this time of year. On the occasion of this strange event , many players are looking forward to getting into the situation and enjoying some titles in which the cold is the absolute protagonist. So to make this task easier for you, we have decided to choose five game options in which low temperatures are one more enemy.

Without more to add, let’s start this strange list. Of course, for a title to be on this list we have decided that those that have at least one or more playable sections with ice and snow can be part of it. With this cleared up, let’s get started.

Red Dead Redemption II

We start the list with the second part of the Rockstar Games western franchise. In this game, the entire first part, which works as a prologue and a tutorial, takes place during a very harsh winter season in the Far West in which our rude protagonists will have to face blizzards and beasts in order to survive. This snowy section, as we said before, mostly serves to teach us the basic controls of the title but it is one of those that leave an impression.


A game that couldn’t be missing from this list is Snowrunner , a superb vehicle simulator that will have to move through a snowy, icy setting full of obstacles on each road. In terms of history, it doesn’t have any, but therein lies its secret, in enjoying the frozen environment around us, overcoming barriers that Nature almost always sets for us.

The Last of Us Part II

We do not know what has given companies to make the second parts of their games start in the snow. The beginning of the Naughty Dog title takes us to a post-apocalyptic world in which, playing the charismatic Ellie , we will have to face both the infected and a giant blizzard that will not let us see beyond our noses. Start a new game these days to enjoy the cold…

God of War Ragnarok

If there is a place where the cold prevails over everything, those are the northern landscapes. In the second installment of the new saga of Kratos we will travel to many frozen places within Norse mythology such as Midgard or Jotunheim, as well as face the imposing ice giants. God how cold it is just looking at it!


There is no other game in the world in which the cold is so protagonist. The humans who have survived the apocalypse and subsist as they can in one of the coldest areas on the planet will make you feel how your hands and feet freeze in every decision you make, expedition you send to explore and fuel you burn in the great boiler that keeps everyone warm. This is, without a doubt, the absolute king of the genre (if there is a genre) of video games with the most snow and ice per square meter.