Finding bargains will be much easier thanks to Google Chrome

A new feature is about to hit Google Chrome and it sees you help a lot in locating deals to save as much as possible on your purchase. Certain users have noticed a price tracking feature in the Android search engine and despite the fact that it has only reached the United States for the moment, it is a matter of time before it reaches Spain.

Shopping online is one of the most common activities we do with our phone. The possibility of getting items at any time and place with just a touch is one of the main assets that these devices give us. Now, everything will be much easier with the latest Chrome update.

Finding bargains will be much easier thanks to Google Chrome

Google Chrome makes it easy

The popular Google search engine is preparing for an interesting option that tracks the best prices for selected items. The system keeps track of the prices of the products chosen by users and informs them of any change in value. An interesting feature that will help consumers not miss a significant discount on what they have on their wish list.

This price tracking novelty in Google Chrome is released only for Android , although we think it will also come to iOS soon. The truth is that it is really useful, but it must be taken into account that the purchase must be made from the search engine, that is, you will have to use the web version of applications such as Amazon, AliExpress…

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In addition, this function will not be available for all platforms , although the main ones will be compatible, such as the aforementioned Amazon or eBay. The user can enable this setting when accessing the sales page of a specific product.

The button to activate this new option in Google Chrome on Android is just to the right of the website URL , at the top of the browser. You can see it in the image that we offer you a little above, representing a bell-shaped icon. Tapping it will cause the page to set the item’s price and the consumer will need to enable value tracking.

Hassle-free operation

The purpose of this function is for the user to receive alerts if the price drops on any of the selected platforms. This notification is sent when there is a discount for the product on any shopping website, as Google Chrome crawls the Internet for the best price. At the moment it is being deployed for users in the United States, but it is a matter of time before it is extended to more regions.

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The truth is that it is a very useful tool, especially considering that, before, you had to resort to certain applications to find a market opportunity. Until they arrive, there is no other option than to continue taking advantage of them, so here are the main platforms that you can use to find the ideal price through your mobile:

  • CamelCamelCamel
  • Keepa
  • ideal