Android 14 will make your mobile last much longer

A novelty is incorporated into the Google operating system that will surely arrive with the new Android 14 that will make your phone last much longer than some models have been doing so far. This is due to an internet related change that severely limits some phones.

This novelty, which will increase the duration of mobile phones, could prevent your smartphone from losing Internet access as the years go by, and it would do so through root certificates. In part, this is a TrustCor Systems certificate authority loss-of-confidence decision that I’m not going to go into too much in-depth about, but it will benefit you in a number of ways.

Android 14 will make your mobile last much longer

Your old mobile will no longer fail in this

If you have a very old mobile, you may notice it, since you may realize that some websites do not allow you to connect or display security warnings. This happened when the root certificate of phones with Android 7 or earlier expired in 2021, something that could be avoided at the time and can be done in the future. Luckily, there is time to fix it because the next big root certificate will expire in 2035.


Specifically, this would be remedied in the way Android handles expired certificates. The company is working on a solution that could come with the new Android 14 operating system.

If we look at the background, Microsoft, Mozilla and Google are removing TrustCor Systems as the root certificate authority in their products because they have lost trust. Although Google will not have your certificates as of version 111 of Chrome for computers, on Android it is not so simple because its root certificate store cannot be updated independently of the operating system. Its changes will take time to be implemented, although one of the most important innovations will be its own operation in the updates.

In the midst of this, Mishaal Rahman detected in the Android source code that the company is working on a new core module that will allow root certificates to be updated on the fly . So far, these are updated as part of full system updates, which don’t make it to older, lower-priced devices. These are the ones who could have these Internet problems and to which a solution is being sought.

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Mishaal Rahman
Google is dropping TrustCor’s root certificates from Android as questions loom about the firm’s ties to US intelligence agencies. Separately, Google also prepares to make Android’s root store updatable via Google Play.

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December 20, 2022 • 17:02



This new module could be updated through Google Play Services, so the company could send updates when they are needed so that all devices can connect to the websites they want to visit. Even the older ones.

The issue with outdated root certificates is very important on Android because most apps and browsers rely on built-in root certificates to verify secure connections. There are apps that are starting to not depend on Android for this, such as Firefox , which will continue to work on older Androids anyway even if the operating system certificates expire, but many others do not and will cause problems on older mobiles.

For this reason, this update is so important so that your mobile lasts longer without affecting important aspects such as the proper functioning of Internet access, among others. What do you think of this improvement from Google, will it finally arrive in Android 14?