Find your mobile with your Amazfit watch

The huge number of functions that come with Amazfit smartwatches coupled with their low cost make them the perfect mobile phone accessory. More and more users are betting on one given its high monitoring and control capabilities, but the possibilities are endless.

Surely on more than one occasion you have lost sight of your smartphone and no matter how hard you look for it everywhere it does not appear anywhere. This has happened to everyone at some point, but with the help of your smartwatch this will no longer be a problem.

Find your mobile with your Amazfit watch

Fast and easy

The truth is that this kind of plugin shows some amazing properties. To the point that looking for the smartphone is not a great difficulty. In fact, the procedure is simple.

To access this option, you must enter the list of applications that includes the Amazfit. First of all, it is necessary to check that both devices are paired and connected . Otherwise it would be impossible to make use of this functionality.

Among the available apps choose ‘Find my phone’ . Make sure you don’t go too far from the area where you think it is, because if the watch doesn’t locate it in about 60 seconds, the result will be wrong and it will ask you to try again.

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In the event that it feels its presence, the termination will begin to sound regardless of whether you had set the silent mode. To stop making noise, just touch any button.

It should be noted that this application must be added to the allow list. In this way, an automatic execution of the software will be activated to keep the app active in the background. This is useful because the watch tends to disconnect from the phone on certain occasions.

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Amazfit watches can be adjusted through the Mi Fit app used by Xiaomi. From it you can configure a large number of parameters of all kinds to achieve optimal and more usable operation.

Among all the options you can find is to search for the clock. Finding this function is not complicated at all, but so that you can easily activate it, we are going to guide you step by step through the procedure.

The first of all is to enter the settings of the accessory itself. To do this, go to the Xiaomi software and access ‘My devices’ . Then click on your watch to enter its configuration.

Here you will come across a considerable list of options that you can enable. You should take a look at all of them, since some are really interesting. What you have to do now is scroll all the way down until you see the expandable section called ‘More’ . This will display several alternatives and among them the one you are looking for: ‘Find clock’.

Just by pressing the button, the Amazfit will make a vibration that will help you locate its location. Be careful, the range of the connection is not infinite and if the wearable is at a distance greater than ten meters it will not work.