Android 13 will debut colorful: icons, system, menus…

One of the great changes that has attracted attention in Android 12 has been the integration of Material You, the renewed style that allows you to customize Android mobiles with colors, which are based on the wallpaper. However, this is just the beginning and as user Mishaal Rahman has revealed, Google is working on several improvements in this regard for the next generation.

In recent days, Android 13 has been seen through novelties that have attracted attention, such as a new menu to share music with other devices and new tools to change users. Now, it is discovered that the company has taken the pleasure in giving more native customization options , expanding the color palette from which we can choose.

Android 13 will debut colorful

You choose the color tone

Until now, the color options that appear once we enter the section for screen customization have been based on different color combinations. It is true that these change, depending on the wallpaper that we have configured, but there are no more possibilities beyond that. Those colors were combined to give color to different aspects of the system and that are related to each other.

iconos tema android 12

What it will offer from Android 13 to the system, icons and other sections, is that we can decide if we want to use colors in a different way. For this reason, we find 4 different options among its possibilities, which are identified so far with the following names:

  • TONAL_SPOT: the colors that we already have in Android 12, without changing the shades.
  • VIBRANT: colors accentuated with more brightness and that stand out.
  • EXPRESSIVE: More diverse color palette, even with colors that are not shown on the wallpaper, but complement each other.
  • SPRITZ: in this case, the color saturation turns off the brightness and makes it practically monochromatic.

These new options could arrive willing to change the color combinations, or to coexist with them. It has also been possible to see screenshots where we see the different applications of the colors that have been revealed. Variations are applied differently based on color , making each wallpaper and smartphone even more unique in its possibilities.

temas color android 13

With this change, the customization that made Android devices famous continues to multiply with the so-called themes, which continue to become more and more optional so that in the end, we users decide what we like best.

What’s new in notifications

This is not the only thing that has been revealed, as it has also been discovered that from version 13 of Android , the apps that want to share notifications with us will need a permit. It will no longer be something that the system takes for granted, which will ensure that we only see alerts on the screen that we want to see.

alerta notificación android 13

As we show in the image, in the notification that we will see when installing or starting an app for the first time, we will have the option to choose whether to show us application alerts or not. Within the settings we can always modify it, but this will save us from having the mobile ring non-stop with game alerts or many other apps that constantly bombard us.