Don't spin around anymore! Find easy parking with these apps

Finding parking both in a city that we know and in one where we have landed for the first time can sometimes become a problem and more so if time is short and we are in a hurry. As with other tasks, on our mobile we can find the solution to find parking through these apps with which we will avoid wasting time and going around to find parking.

When we travel to cities that we do not know, one of the main inconveniences that we find as soon as we arrive is parking. Are there areas where you can park for free ? Where can I find a parking? It is not always easy to find a place for our car. Practically all the websites to search for parking have the same operation, but the most practical thing is to download the app to always have the information at hand.

Find easy parking with these apps

parking meter

With parkimeter you can search for parking by city and even search for the name of a specific tourist place or the hotel where you are going to stay to check if there is a parking space nearby. The app gives you the option to choose the dates and reservations to ensure that you will have your place when you arrive at your destination.


Telpark is an app to manage the different car parks and pay at parking meters. One of the options we have at Telpark is to “reserve a space” in one of the associated car parks. This allows us to always have a free seat when we arrive at the selected destination. A very comfortable option, since when you arrive at the car park the barrier will open by itself and you will be able to access without waiting or tickets involved.


It is a collaborative app in which users can detect and report free parking spaces on the street. In addition, we can provide other useful information such as the price and location of both public and private car parks.

app parkopedia


EasyPark is available in more than 2,200 cities throughout Europe, so parking will be easier than ever. Specifically, it is available in 50 Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao or Tarragona. With this app you can pay for the blue zone or parking. In addition, it has the “Find” function that will help you find an available place to park your car on the street.


An app with which we can enjoy up to 70% discount in more than 1,400 car parks throughout Europe . It has filters that will make it easier for you to find the best place to park your car. It also allows you to reserve a space and access it with a locator, guaranteeing parking even in the center of the busiest cities.

These are some of the most useful applications when it comes to finding and/or paying to park our vehicle when we travel and visit an area that we do not know. If you want to stop going around and find a place the first time, it’s already taking time to download some of them and start saving time. Which is your favorite?