Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on iPhone: Now Available to Purchase

Although Square Enix is currently working intensively on the new versions of Final Fantasy, they have not wanted to forget the mobile platforms. There are already many companies that are committed to transferring their games to mobile phones and that is why they have ended up launching Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for both iPhone and iPad. In this article we will tell you all the details about this new release in the Apple store.

You can now download FF VIII Remastered on iPhone

This new version comes after a port of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered that arrived on PS4, Xbox and PC for the 20th anniversary. Now all this has concluded with its launch also on mobile platforms almost two years later. This is not the first FF that has been released for mobiles since other previous releases can also be found in the App Store. We must bear in mind that this Final Fantasy was originally released in 1999 with very good sales. Now they try to scratch a few more sales and therefore continue to inflate the income by pulling on the nostalgia of the players.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on iPhone

The game is set in the Republic of Galbadia that is under the influence of the sorceress Edea at the height of the war. The sorceress to defend herself mobilizes her great armies to attack all the nations of the world. Both Squall and SeeD join forces with Rinoa to create a resistance fight to end the tyrannical government of Galbadia and prevent Edea from fulfilling her ultimate goal of conquering the entire world.

Keep in mind that we are facing a role-playing game for the iPhone so the conversations will be of vital importance. The small details at the end will be the ones that give the complete experience so that you move to 1999 as if you were in an old console. Something that has stood out a lot is that you only need to have 2.55 GB of internal storage for it to work correctly. The developer herself affirms that during the game no more data will have to be downloaded since it will be supplemented with these.

In addition, in order to facilitate the gameplay, Square Enix affirms that in the future, support for external controllers such as controls will be implemented. To this will also be added the use of saving in the cloud. At the moment the only requirement to meet is that you have to have at least iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 installed. Although it is possible that in the future this FF will also be added to the catalog of role-playing games for Mac, which is now quite extensive and Being available on PC, its port could become possible to macOS.

Prices and discounts

Final Fintasy VIII can be purchased from today on the App Store at a base price of 20.99 euros. Although, in order to commemorate the launch, the distributed has agreed a special price of 16.99 euros that will run from March 25 to April 4. When downloading it, it is always requested that the connection can be made through WiFi. In addition, in the characteristics of this they also inform that there may be some type of important bug especially when vehicles are being used. In order to prevent progress from being lost, it is recommended to always save constantly.