Apple Watch Series 7 Rumors: This Would Be the Next Watch

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be the next smartwatch that Apple launches and it will be this year. Although there are months to know it officially and the leaks are still not abundant, we can get an idea of what it would incorporate. Are you looking forward to seeing the successor to Series 6? Read on because we analyze what is currently known about him.

The Series 7 could have these news

To the already existing sensors that the Apple Watch has, we could add new ones that, although they are not officially confirmed, have been seen by the occasional patent. One of them is the one that could measure body temperature , something very useful in these times of pandemic and that could be used to add a thermometer app that even detects the temperature without having to execute it manually. It has already been rumored for the Series 6, although from what some experts say it would have been very hasty.

Apple Watch Series 7 Rumors

What could be the star function is the blood glucose meter. Both Samsung and Apple itself seem to be very close to offering this functionality in their respective smartwatches in a way that would be innovative not only in the technology sector, but also in the medical industry. Until now, these measurements are carried out with specialized devices that require a finger prick to obtain a drop of blood with which to obtain glucose information later. The still unknown system of the clock would change it completely, although precisely because of its complexity it might not be ready for this 2021.

As far as design changes are concerned, we could also see something. There are renderings and concept videos that show a new form factor similar to that of the iPhone and iPad with which Apple would standardize all its products. However, it does not seem entirely clear that the change will come out there. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted a change to the screen earlier this year that could have more to do with an even greater reduction in frames than was made when moving from Series 4 to Series 5.

A version with 5G connectivity is also expected for the WiFi + Cellular. And beyond this, not much else is known, although it is expected that there will be improvements in sections such as the battery. In the Series 6 the range was increased very little, although it was compensated by a faster charge. It is not expected that in the Series 7 we will see batteries of up to a week as in other smartwatches, but it is expected that they can meet at least two full days without going through the charger.

Possible watch release date

Forecasting an exact release date is risky even with a few weeks to go. What seems clearer is that September will be the month in which it is presented, probably in a special event with the new iPhones. It would be put up for sale only one or two weeks later, so both events would occur in the same month. This has traditionally been the date for previous generations and given that no delays are foreseen, it seems to be the most reliable data today.