FIFA 22: Gameplay, News, New Functions, Movements and More

FIFA 22: Gameplay

EA has published the first video with official gameplay of FIFA 22 , and in it we have been able to see the advantages that the Hypermotion system will introduce. But it all comes down to making the game more real, so much reality may not allow you to discover all the changes that are going to be introduced in the game. And in the end, good work is just that, that everything feels transparent and you only have to dedicate yourself to doing one thing: getting the ball to the opponent’s goal.

What’s new in FIFA 22


The main attraction of FIFA 22 is HyperMotion, of that there is no doubt, and considering that it will be a function only available for the new generation consoles (and Stadia), this has caused that many other functions are not available in the rest of the game. platforms. But we’ll talk about that later.

EA took 22 players to the Olympic stadium in Seville to capture with the help of Xsens suits all the movements of the entire team, in order to study and analyze human movement and give life to 4,000 new animations in the middle of the game.

With this data and with the help of machine learning, players will now move on the pitch more accordingly as the direction of the ball changes. The 8.7 million frames of data give life to the so-called ML-Flow neural network, whose algorithm is harnessed by the potential of the new consoles to bring to life approach to the ball animations in real time. The following video explains very well how ML-Flow technology works .

In short, the position of the players will improve notably on the field, offering both defensively and offensively a fairly intense level of positioning. In the video example below you can see how players are continually positioning themselves to anticipate the game change.

New movements

When looking for the ball we will experience a series of new animations that will give much more dynamism in moments of aerial play. This has been possible thanks to the capture of movements in sessions like the one shown in the following video.

Another great novelty is the new explosive sprint , a new movement in the race that will come into action in the right context. Basically it will be activated in a 1 against 1 situation, where the most experienced dribblers can leave their mark behind, and even the opposite in case we have a quick defense. This sprint can be activated for a short period of time, and it will take a while until it can be activated again.

More real ball spin with new physics

Centers looking for a band change will not look like they used to. Surely you have seen how in FIFA 21 the ball seemed to behave like a cannonball that traces a straight trajectory. Well, now in FIFA 22 the physics of the ball will make more sense , since the hit will place an effect on the ball to draw curves as it would happen in real life.

New ball control

When receiving the ball, the players will perform a more complex control in the form of 2 touches or longer movements. This will reflect a more natural and even oriented control, allowing progress in the play without the need to delay the movement of the attackers.

Redesigned goalkeepers

The goalkeepers now have more than 600 animations with which give life to the movement under the sticks. Depending on the skills, reflexes and responses of the goalkeepers, they will react in one way or another, being able to anticipate shots or simply play the ball at the first touch.

Change players quickly without getting dizzy


A new player change system will allow us to choose between the players we see on the screen with the help of an icon that will appear above them. We will only have to press R3 and the interface will show a specific address on the 4 available players.

More epic celebrations

To the celebrations that we already knew from last year, others are now added that include new camera angles and more interaction with the public and other characters such as coaches and substitute players. Unfortunately these new celebrations are exclusive to the new generation , so we will not see them on Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

Lots of tactical and behavioral changes


The list of changes introduced in FIFA 22 is endless, so we leave you with the official article that EA has published on its official website so that you can take a look at all the changes and news that will come with FIFA 22. It is important to mention that those functions that have the nomenclature “NG” will be exclusive to the new generation of consoles (Xbox Series X | S, PS5 and Stadia), and be careful because they are not few.

Source> EA