Fast Charging on iPhone: Advantages and Disadvantages

Fast charging is standardizing on most mobile devices on the market. But even if a charge is obtained in a short time it is not totally perfect since it can have drawbacks. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of fast charging.

Fast charge concepts

In order to charge quickly, it is important to have a compatible charger. Depending on the power of the charger you have, the speed of the charge will be totally deferred. In the last iPhone that Apple has released, it can be charged normally at 18W.

Fast Charging on iPhone: Advantages and Disadvantages

It is important to note that the load is not linear. With this we mean that always in the first minutes a much faster load is made than when it reaches the end. In this way it is about maintaining the safety of the battery at all times. In general, from 0 to 80% of the battery a very fast charge is applied but from this percentage it begins to be much slower. This is why we must always get used to the fact that it will almost always reach 80% and not 100% very quickly in order to plan these loads.

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Disadvantages of fast charging

The disadvantages of fast charging unfortunately are many. One of them is above all the heat that can be generated, since the load is not entirely efficient. The energy that enters the iPhone battery does not always end up recharging it, but it is released in the form of heat, which can cause overheating. This can especially happen when chargers are used that are not official and that causes that the increase in voltage and amperage causes this excessive heating.

There are many studies that suggest that batteries and high temperatures do not get along well. This is why this type of high temperature for a long time can fully affect the health of the battery in a very negative way by wearing it down. The fact that it gets hot you will notice quickly since when you touch the iPhone you will notice that something is wrong. This can occur with both traditional cable charging and induction charging. In the latter case it is where more problems can be generated as it is a much more inefficient type of load. This is why wireless chargers with high amperage can be quite damaging from this generated heat.

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This is why it is always recommended to avoid fast charging as much as possible. You should only use it when you have little time on a specific day to carry out a charge. But it’s usually best to avoid it in order to maintain optimal battery health. Otherwise health would be compromised and could drastically reduce the autonomy of the equipment by not charging properly. In addition, the official chargers must always be used to maintain a voltage as stable as possible, avoiding counterfeit or non-certified chargers.

Advantages of fast charging

If you are a person who works a lot with the iPhone for a long time, it is vital to have a fast charge to reduce the dependence on the charger. This avoids having to go looking for a plug anywhere because in a few minutes you can have the iPhone quite charged, for example up to 80%. On iPhones with a fast-charging charger like the 18W, you can achieve a 50% charge in 30 minutes. This means that if you go home to take a shower, you can have the iPhone with a good battery level to be able to