Fall in love with the best romantic movies on HBO Max

Love movies are one of those genres that never goes out of style and we can see great romantic classics with which to get excited on a Sunday afternoon but also comedies with which to have a good time, disconnect. If you’re looking for a love marathon, here are some of the best romantic movies on HBO Max.

From great classics like Ghost to hits from recent years. Just like in American movies, prepare ice cream and popcorn to thrill yourself with these love stories full of impediments, effort and happy endings.

Fall in love with the best romantic movies on HBO Max

City of Angels

Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan star in one of the most emotional and tearful dramas if we look for romantic movies that make us cry. A guardian angel and a cardiologist, who is going through a bad time due to the death of a patient, are the protagonists of this love story full of obstacles and in which he is immortal.

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City of Angels


Love conquers all. Even between two worlds. That’s what Ghost taught us when it premiered in 1990. One of the best love movies to watch on HBO Max. One of the best love movies in history. Completely in love, they will see how their life changes when he is murdered by a thief. But he will remain by her side like a ghost , helping and caring for her from beyond the grave. Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg star in this wonderful timeless movie that you can rewatch on HBO Max if you want to get emotional and cry one more time.

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The bodyguard

One of the best love movies of all time is, without a doubt, The Bodyguard. Released in 1992 and starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, one of the great successes of romantic cinema in the last thirty years. He has been hired to protect actress Rachel Marron , who is receiving death threats from an anonymous killer. He must follow her and protect her even though she does not agree with his methods. Not only one of the essential romantic dramas that you can not miss, but a movie with an outstanding soundtrack that you surely know by heart or that you have sung at some time.

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El guardaespaldas

You have an email

One of the romantic movies that we can see on HBO max is one of those classics that does not go out of style more than twenty years later. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are the stars of this comedy that came long before the days of Tinder. They are the protagonists of this feature film. They live in the Upper West Sides and live their lives, totally different and without knowing each other. He owns a chain of large bookstores and she owns a small children’s bookstore. But they maintain a close relationship through email without knowing who the other is. An ideal romantic film for a Sunday afternoon that anticipated us, twenty years ago, what relationships were like on the Internet.

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Tienes un email - Mejores peliculas de los 90

The good side of things

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are the protagonists of another of the romantic movies that we can see on HBO Max. More recent than others on this list but also recommended for a love movie marathon. Pat has just returned home to her parents after spending months in a clinic for people with mental problems. He has problems and attacks but he will meet Tiffany. She also has similar problems and together they will try to help each other.

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No reservations

One of the hottest romantic movies on this list is “No Reservations.” Very different from some of the previous dramas and recommended if we are looking for a love comedy with which to disconnect and get it right. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart are the protagonists. She is a renowned chef at a trendy restaurant and he is her new kitchen assistant. They don’t get along but they will have to get used to each other so that the restaurant can move forward despite the rivalry between them and the chef’s family difficulties.

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Noa’s diary

One of the love stories that every teenager of the nineties lived with intensity is that of “Noa’s diary”. Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun belong to different social classes and their lives are very different but they will meet in a summer that will change their lives and that they will remember forever, before being separated by their families and by war.

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El diario de Noa

La La Land – The City of Stars

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling bring Mia and Sebastian to life in what is one of the most popular romantic movies of recent times. With fourteen Oscar nominations and six awards won, Stone and Gosling star in a complicated love story between two artists who dream of reaching the end of their careers, something that will separate them forever.

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