Report of New Failures in AirPods Max with Its Connection to the iPhone

It was only a few months ago that Apple‘s best AirPods headphones were released, the ones known by the nickname ‘Max’. Despite their good specifications and excellent construction materials, these AirPods Max are bringing the occasional headache to users. After the known cases of condensation in some of the first units, a failure is now beginning to be reported that could well be corrected with a new version of firmware for the headphones or software on the iPhone.

Sudden disconnections from AirPods Max

Kike, an Apple user and known to this newsroom, has been reporting on his personal Twitter account the problems he is having with his AirPods Max for weeks. As indicated, there have been several units that it has had and has returned for presenting identical failures. He is currently going through his rooms ‘Max’ and although he openly praises their great characteristics in terms of sound quality, it seems that he fails in one of the points that a priori should be more relevant in an Apple product: its connection with the ecosystem of products.

disconnections from AirPods Max

In various videos published on the aforementioned social network, Kike shows the strange failures of his AirPods by performing simple actions such as trying to send a voice message through iMessage while listening to music. Normally, playback will stop when you start recording that audio and start again when it stops. However, what happens to Kike is that one of the headphones is disconnected first, then the other and finally they are unpaired from the iPhone and the initial configuration screen appears as if they were new AirPods Max.

Other faults that you are experiencing are related to the volume control. In the following video he clearly shows how he is trying to lower the intensity of the sound with the digital crown and yet it remains at the same level. They are not continuous failures, but sporadic, but tedious enough that Kike, according to what he tells us, is considering returning his headphones again.

As we explained initially, they are the rooms that it has and it seems that they all have the same problem. Your iPhone is updated to the latest official software version, iOS 14.4, while the headphones also have the only firmware version available so far. He also comments that as a result of sharing his experience on Twitter, several users have contacted him complaining of the same problem, so it is ruled out that it is Kike’s iPhone that has some kind of damage. Therefore, the origin of the failures could be in a factory defect related to the Bluetooth connectivity of the AirPods Max, which would have come with this problem in a large batch of units if we take into account that it has happened to several of them. The other possible problem could be software, so you will have to wait for an update to be able to clarify everything.

What should you do if something similar happens to you

Just as iPhone failures can be reported to Apple, it is also possible to do the same with accessories such as AirPods Max. For this, it is recommended that you contact the company’s technical service and inform them of your problem. You can establish this contact through chat on their website and even by phone (900 150 503 is free from Spain). In some cases, they will be able to offer you a solution at the moment, but they will always take note of the problem and since it can be something general, the company will communicate internally between departments in order to solve the failures as soon as possible.