FaceTime from the Apple Watch, is it possible?

We have all done a FaceTime through an iPhone or even a Mac at some point. Without a doubt, it is a communication system between devices in the ecosystem that is really comfortable to use. But, although we always refer to iPad, iPhone or Mac, we can forget that with the Apple Watch you can also make a call of this type, although with limitations. In this article we analyze this possibility that may be unknown to many users.

FaceTime from the Apple Watch, is it possible

Audio FaceTime possible on Apple Watch

One of the two types of calls that can be made through FaceTime is audio . One of the most classic and most used forms. In this case, you should know that it can be used without any problem through the Apple Watch , whether or not it is linked to an iPhone. In the event that it is linked, the call itself is simply duplicated on the smartwatch. It integrates both a speaker and a microphone to be able to pick up and answer comfortably, although obviously you are going to have to bring your wrist closer to your head to have an adequate experience.

FaceTime Apple Watch

But you will also be able to make FaceTime calls with the Apple Watch. Whether it is linked to the iPhone or connected to LTE connectivity, through Siri you will be able to request this action. Simply with the command ‘Hey Siri, call Paco’, you will initiate the call through the best connection you have available. Keep in mind that the sound quality may not be the best, but there is always the possibility of linking wireless headphones via Bluetooth. In this way you will have greater privacy, especially when making use of LTE connectivity away from your iPhone.

Video calls impossible to make

But in FaceTime there is a second way to communicate with different devices: video calls. This is a way of communication that is widely used among users, to be able to have a conversation as if it were in person. There are many options to make this call, but FaceTime offers great stability and even features of its own.

But if we talk about making this type of call through the Apple Watch or even receiving it, we must say that it is impossible . The reason is quite obvious, since it does not have any type of camera to be able to capture your image when you are calling. And likewise, you will not be able to see the camera of another person who contacts you by this method due to the size limitations of the clock itself and its screen. It is certainly something that would not become comfortable. In the future, it is not ruled out that this watch will have a camera on the top, as has been seen in some concepts, but today it is impossible.