Everything you need to know about the ideal screen for your new mobile

If you are thinking of buying a new mobile, the screen it has is a fundamental factor to enjoy a unique user experience. For this reason, we are going to tell you about the aspects that you should pay attention to when making the final decision on your panel.

You may be thinking about whether its resolution is the most important thing, whether a curved or flat screen is better, brightness, taking care of your eyesight or paying attention to certain aspects that will depend on your needs, preferences and the budget you have for buy a new mobile.

Everything you need to know about the ideal screen for your new mobile

In any case, we will tell you what the basics are so that you have a good mobile according to your budget with a screen that offers you an optimal viewing experience . Do you want to know what your new smartphone should have?

AMOLED screen for all its advantages

With an AMOLED screen you will enjoy brighter, more flexible and more efficient images. In addition, the blacks are purer and less is consumed with dark colors on the screen. They offer better color representation. There is a big jump between LCD panels or others with these. Even AMOLED, OLED and Super AMOLED themselves have their differences.

fondos de pantalla para móviles amoled llenos de color

In addition, the panels are flexible and can be bent, so you have more mobile models to choose from. On the other hand, you can enjoy the always-on screen or Always On Display Mode to see useful information at a glance while consuming less energy.

A refresh rate of at least 90 or 120 Hz

The refresh rate is essential to enjoy an optimal viewing experience, so the minimum you should expect right now is 90 Hz. If you have a bigger budget or the mobile you are interested in has 120 Hz or more, much better .

tasa refresco pantalla móvil

Better if this is adaptive to the use that you are going to give the mobile at all times. With these rates you will enjoy a more optimal and smooth touch experience. The more times you refresh the image per second the better, and this is what refresh rate is all about. Movements look smoother and changes are resolved more quickly.

Make it resistant thanks to Corning Gorilla Glass

This is a resistant glass that stands out for its great features, and it will help you to enjoy your mobile longer without fear of damaging the screen. Gorilla Glass is a brand of chemically strengthened glass that comes as a thin, high-strength transparent sheet. The better or more advanced its model, the greater its benefits, so it is important that you also look at which one your new mobile has.


For example, Gorilla Glass Victus withstands drops of up to 2 meters onto hard surfaces, and Victus 2 has gotten even better. In any case, their models are resistant to scratches and fractures, which makes them the best option when you are thinking about a new mobile screen. Although your budget does not give you to have a mobile with the most advanced, you will not miss a quality panel in this regard.