Android wants to have its own iPhone Mini and this is what we know

Eric Migicovsky, the founder of Pebble, has launched a petition for a small Android phone to rival the iPhone Mini . After Apple stopped making small phones, Migicovsky’s petition has turned into a community project that includes a design and production team. The petition has received 38,700 signatures, almost all of them coming from a Verge article.

The team behind the Small Android Phone has been quietly working to supply a screen, choose a chip, and design the phone’s body in a small group on Discord. He has also been discussing how to finance the project. The goal is to create a phone for small mobile enthusiasts and seek feedback at every step of the process.

Android wants to have its own iPhone Mini

An iPhone Mini for Android

The team has considered various aspects, including the material of the phone . Currently, they are considering a metal frame encased in a ceramic-coated aluminum or glass composite . This device wants to stand out for its attention to detail, not for the expensive use of unusual materials.

The phone’s internal codename is “Marvin,” but the team has yet to decide on a name for the handset. The idea is to make a high-end flagship, but that does not necessarily mean top-level performance. They are currently considering the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and a yet to be released mid-range Qualcomm chip for the phone’s chipset. It is expected to offer at least two years of software updates.

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Pricing for the phone hasn’t been finalized yet, but the team is preparing the community for a possible price tag of $850. A phone from an established manufacturer with similar specs and a more standard form factor would cost between $650 and $700 . That is why the team is still negotiating with the manufacturer and considering various factors that could influence the final price of the phone.

Apple’s latest compact smartphone is the iPhone 13 Mini and it landed on the market with a price of 809 euros. So that we would be facing a similar value in the case of carrying out this idea. The truth is that it would be quite interesting to have a similar proposal in the Android ecosystem, since, despite the fact that there are Lite models with smaller dimensions and weight than usual, there is none that is close to 7.6 mm thick and 140 grams of weight of the iPhone 13 Mini.

How the compact Android mobile should be

Apple’s iPhone 13 Mini boasts premium specifications despite its size. Proof of this is that it shares some of its qualities with the higher models, such as the Super Retina XDR OLED screen, which is one of the few below 6 inches (5.4 inches). In addition, it presents exquisite performance with the Apple A15 Bionic chip, as well as high-calibre photographic results and the possibility of recording 4K videos.

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The only drawback is a low-capacity battery, which is understandable given the dimensions of the compact phone from Apple. The ideal would be to have a 3,000 mAh in the creation of Android, although this is a somewhat complicated mission. At the moment this is just a project that is in mind, so it could end up not seeing the light.