Everything you can use as a mouse pad (and it works)

The normal thing when we use the mouse is to use a mouse pad, which is designed to work perfectly. It may be the case that, if you have a laptop and you have forgotten the mat at home. Well, you know that it is not a problem, because there are things that you can use on a daily basis that are an alternative to the mat.

We can understand as a mat, a usually rectangular padded piece on which a fabric is glued . The reality is that there are mats made of different materials that work just as well. But did you know that there are materials and things around you that can act as a mat?

Everything you can use as a mouse pad

Use the mouse without a mouse pad

Actually the mats were designed for ball mice and the first mice with laser sensors. Mice sensors are now much better and compatible with a large number of surfaces. This allows us to use the mouse without a mat and on an infinity of different surfaces, some of which you can’t even imagine. Some options are:

  • Directly on the desk: Really, if we have the typical wooden desk, regardless of the color, we do not need a mouse pad. There are some exceptions and these are that it is varnished, where there may be loss of movement or if the surface is transparent glass . Above all, in the latter case, we will necessarily need a mat
  • Sheet of paper: I’m not a big fan of the touchpad on laptops and I’ve always used a conventional mouse to use the laptop and I’ve forgotten the mousepad a bunch of times. A simple sheet of paper is enough, it works perfectly
  • On the skin: It may seem absurd to you, but you can try it and see how it works . Indeed, as it is not, but it works without major problems
  • Clothes: It should work without major problems on the clothes you are wearing. As in everything, some fabrics can cause it to not work , such as a product that has sequins
  • Cardboard: Yes, any piece of cardboard can be used as a mat. You must bear in mind that the transport boxes have internal pleats and this movement is usually transmitted to the outer layer. This can cause jumps, but the inside of a cereal box works perfectly.
  • Floor: Indeed, there are many floors whose enamel is matte and can act as a mat. But, this option has a big problem , the floors tend to accumulate a lot of dust, even if you are very neat. So using it on the ground can cause a lot of dirt to build up on the mouse sensor.
  • Wall: Keep in mind that this trick only works if the walls of your house are smooth, as you have gotelé, forget it. It’s inconvenient, we know, but at a given moment, it works

But it is recommended to use

One of the functions of the mouse pad is to reduce the dirt that remains on the mouse sensor. It seems silly, but the fabric ones have a porous texture designed to “absorb” the dust or part of it. In addition, it is a product that we can put in the washing machine without problems to clean it with little effort. What’s more, once a month , at least, you should put it to wash , since it accumulates dust and dead skin from our body and, if you have animals, their hair.

If you have tried other surfaces where the mouse can work, tell us in the comments to try it out. Ah, one thing, your friend’s bald spot counts as skin, I see you coming.