Error in Google Play: a Failure Drains the Batteries in OnePlus Mobiles

Sometimes it’s the updates that allow you to improve, the ones that end up spoiling what used to work well. During the last 24 hours, the most important specialized mobile phone forums have been filling up with users, especially OnePlus , who are reporting problems with their phones, whose battery drains extremely quickly after the latest update on Google Play.

Error in Google Play: a Failure Drains the Batteries

The battery is one of the most sensitive elements of our mobile. Although over time manufacturers have been able to provide more milliamps without sacrificing design , we still have to be very careful about where we spend each milliamp if we want to get left over at the end of the day. Not surprisingly, all brands integrate their own energy saving managers.

Battery drained from CPU usage

But now, the new Google Play update, launched by Google on September 24 and with the version number 22.0.18, is bringing users of various brands upside down, with special incidence on OnePlus mobiles such as the OnePlus 6 or the OnePlus 7T. Pro. These users, report an exaggerated use of the CPU by Google Play, exceeding 70%, which causes the battery to drain quickly.

google play store uso bateria

The use that Google Play makes of the CPU occurs, even if the user does not have the application open in the foreground, not even in the background or. Some users of the Reddit forums have identified a background process, called “ download_service” , which seems to hog most of the system resources for no reason.

procesos google play cpu

Although the complaints come mostly from OnePlus users, there seem to be other affected terminals from Asus, OPPO and even Samsung. At the moment Google has not recognized this error although that does not mean that the solution in the form of a patch is not on the way. Some reports claim that the Google News application is also generating the same problem, but in this case far fewer users are affected.

There’s a solution?

Meanwhile, users share their own workarounds to try to alleviate the problem. Those that seem to give the best results, go through uninstalling the updates from Google Play to be able to go back to a previous version. If the mobile has not yet been updated to this new version, preventing the app from updating also works, while the official solution arrives. However, if you have more problems on a regular basis in the battery of your OnePlus mobile, you can always take a look at these solutions.