Different Permissions in Android 11: How They Work and Their Options

A factor that has always been in question in the Android landscape is permissions, a factor that allows us to keep under control the access of mobile applications and services. The renewed Android 11 permissions have given a twist to what we already knew and possibilities have been added so that we can coexist more calmly.

Different Permissions in Android 11

From the moment we install Android 11 beta or the final version, we will find ourselves in each of the applications with the relevant permissions. The design has not changed practically with respect to Android 10 and the options to allow it while we use it or deny it not too much, but nevertheless there is a new option based on unique permissions or one-time use.

Options for permissions in Android 11

To control the permissions of the applications in Android 11 we have two ways, among which we will see changes in its options. The first of them and the one that must be done first is the classic one, which is asked when we first start the app. The following will be what we will find if we access the system settings.

When starting the application

At this time we will see depending on the app and the permission that it is requesting a different icon and a description that refers to what it asks of us. This can be from access to the camera, calendar, files, contacts, microphone, SMS, phone, location and others as the additional permissions in Android. Among the options we will see:

permisos app android 11

  • While the application is being used: A permission that grants access whenever we start the app.
  • Only this time: the new unique permission that does not repeat.
  • Deny: deny access to the app.

Customize the permissions of each app

Beyond the first option we choose, we can also modify the permissions whenever necessary and that is when the possibility of choosing the “always ask” permission comes into play. With this we avoid giving permissions to any app of doubtful origin and whenever you want to access the camera, location or multimedia content you will have to ask us.

permisos app opciones android 11

To carry out this we have to enter Settings> Applications> Permissions manager and we will see all the requested permissions. These will be divided between:

  • Always allowed.
  • Allowed while wearing.
  • Always ask.
  • Denied.

To modify one of them we just have to touch on the app and we will see those same options. This becomes a single method to choose the option “always ask” and given a specific moment we could modify it with the same process.