Error code 45 on the network card what is it and how to solve this failure

Error code 45 on the network card

On occasion and in certain circumstances, many of you may have received an error message from Windows 45. Then our computer may become slower and may even crash. Nowadays, it is increasingly common to connect all kinds of peripherals or hardware to our equipment. The problems come when our operating system is unable to correctly detect that device. In this tutorial we are going to talk about what is error code 45 in the network adapter and how we can solve this problem.

The first thing we are going to do is find out what this failure is and why it occurs in our equipment. Next, we will explain how to fix error code 45 using a series of commands and updating the drivers.

What is error 45 and why does it occur in Windows

Error code 45 refers to a fairly common problem that Windows users have. This failure happens when our operating system cannot recognize a piece of hardware that we have connected to our computer.

At the moment that this error occurs, it can block the window of the program that we are using, make Windows respond very slowly or temporarily freeze for a few seconds. It should be noted that this failure occurs since Windows XP, and is still valid in the latest versions of Windows 10.

Regarding the causes for which the error code 45 usually occurs, we have the following:

  1. The problem may be because that device has been disconnected from your computer and you need to access it. One possible solution is to reconnect it. For example, this can happen on USB devices like Wi-Fi network cards.
  2. It may also be because the drivers are corrupted or out of date from an update.
  3. That that hardware device is defective. To this we could also add that the connection place is faulty, we refer, for example, to the USB port, although this option is less common.

How to tell if I have an error code 45 in Windows

Previously we have commented that this failure has a lot to do with the Windows device manager. For that reason, we are going to go to that section for which we will follow these steps:

  1. We go to the Start Menu .
  2. We type Control Panel and we give to enter.
  3. We click on Hardware and Sound .
  4. Within Devices and Printers we look for Device Manager and select it.

Next, in Network adapters we will see how the Wi-Fi card has the icon blurred together with some other devices. Which is indicating to us that we have problems.

If we want to find out what specific failure we have, we click on our network adapter, press the right mouse button and select Properties .

In the General tab, he tells us that our problem is related to error code 45. He also tells us that, to solve the problem, let’s start by reconnecting that hardware to the computer again. If it’s a USB device and it keeps crashing, trying another USB port may be an option. If with this we see that the problem is not solved, we will think that it is a software problem where a defective driver is usually the main cause. A good thing to do before starting would be to look at Driver, the driver date and driver version. Thus, if a change is made when updating it, it will be easier to appreciate the changes.

Troubleshooter and chkdsk command

We are going to start by testing the first two alternatives we have to solve the error code 45. After having verified that connecting the device again does not solve the problems, it is time to run the Windows troubleshooter for which we will follow these steps:

  1. Start menu .
  2. Windows settings .
  3. Update and security .

On the left we select Troubleshoot and click on the Additional Troubleshooters option.

Then we look for the Network adapter section, click the Run the troubleshooter button and follow the instructions that it indicates.

If the problems still persist and we cannot fix the error code 45 problem, we should check that our hard drive is in good condition and not damaged. To perform this task we have to open a “Command Prompt” window run as administrator. By typing CMD in “Windows Start Menu” we can access it.

So we have to launch the following command:

chkdsk /f

He then tells us that he cannot run the process because we are using the volume.

What we have to do is answer yes with an S so that after restarting Windows it checks our hard drive.

This process can be quite lengthy and depends on both the size and the speed of the disk.

Check that Windows works properly

As in the previous case, in order to check the integrity of Windows, we are going to use another couple of commands that we will execute as administrator in a Command Prompt window. Let’s start with sfc / scannow which will examine all protected system files and replace them if they are damaged. Here we see how it performs the process:

At the end we see how it has found a series of faults and has repaired them.

The next command that we are going to use is this:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Here we have it running:

Upon successful completion of DISM with its previously set parameters, a screen like this will appear:

However, if after this the error code 45 continues to occur, what you have to do is update the drivers.

Update drivers to fix error code 45

We will also do this from the Windows Device Manager. Then in Network adapters we click on ours and then with the right button of the mouse we click on update driver.

Then what we are going to do is click on Search for drivers automatically .

In the event that it finds drivers, it will show you a result like this:

Also if you can connect with another network adapter such as a different Ethernet or Wi-Fi network card it can be positive. Thus, because it will allow you to download drivers from the Internet, we will have a better chance of success.

On the other hand, also within Update driver we also have Browse my PC for drivers .

There, in Search for drivers in this location , if we have those drivers because we have ever downloaded them or we have them on a removable storage medium, we can install them from that option. Also checking for updates can be a good idea as it sometimes updates drivers.

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Solution of directly downloading the driver from the manufacturer’s website

Another thing that we should not rule out to resolve error code 45 problems would be to visit the website of the manufacturer of that network adapter, laptop or desktop computer. The best-known brands of laptops usually have their support section in which we can find the drivers for network adapters.

In addition, one of the best known manufacturers that also has network adapters is Intel, therefore, if we know the exact model, a solution may be to go to the Intel download center .

Finally, you have seen how by updating the drivers or using a series of commands to verify the integrity of Windows we can solve the error code 45.