The equipment that makes a new car more expensive and is worth nothing

The price of new cars has skyrocketed in recent years, with a rise that has been accelerating in recent months and, we fear, will last for years to come. According to the data provided by the Tax Agency, the average price of a car in Spain has already stood at 22,755 euros and, among this, it has also done so with the car’s own equipment.

Any modern car has a complete equipment

The equipment that makes a new car more expensive

The design of the cars, the materials used have been improved and their efficiency is greater. However, where the evolution is most noticeable is in the equipment and electronic systems . In fact, without electronics, it is very possible that we would not be able to enjoy cars like hybrids, whose electronic management is essential for proper operation and a perfect fusion between engines as disparate as internal combustion or electric.

This technological evolution has considerably influenced the tastes and desires of users. From the ABS system, a safety device that acts on the brakes and that became vital to avoid accidents, to the current applications for mobile phones, more than 40 years have passed. Security has been the part that has concentrated the most development until reaching the level we have today, leaving that evolution to focus on other sections.

Now, any modern car worth its salt needs a touch control screen, different connectivity systems, the ability to collect information from the internet, play streaming music and even park alone. The Bluetooth connection for the mobile phone is an equipment that, for example, has become vital or things like remote opening cannot be missing. But, what is the equipment that cannot be missing in your new car?

What is the best we can have

Thus, what we know is that choosing which accessories a new car should have is a very important decision. The moment of acquiring a vehicle is the ideal time to make up what extras and equipment you want to include, since later they may be more expensive and may not be fully integrated with the vehicle.

While some are very useful and can significantly improve aesthetics, comfort and safety , others are just an expense that will hardly improve in the long run.

Because everything related to driver aids is always welcome. Most of the accessories that we are going to see below will make your daily trips easier, they will ensure your safety and that of the rest of the vehicles on the road… as well as being ideal for keeping you connected at all times. But if we talk about ‘facilities’, these take the cake.

Equipamiento coche nuevo tenemos

  • Drive without keys . Who wouldn’t? Technology has allowed us to forget about the traditional key, both when opening and closing the vehicle and when starting the engine. Yes, you are free and you won’t have to worry about her anymore. Without a doubt, an extra to include.
  • Wireless charger connectivity . The mobile accompanies us wherever we go… no one can deny this statement. Well, the best way to not lose attention behind the wheel and not get fined for carrying it in your hands while driving is to connect it to the vehicle… and not worry! You can recharge the battery wirelessly, giving up cables thanks to this extra that should always appear in the final price of the product.
  • Adjustable and comfortable seats. Being able to adjust the height, inclination or lumbar position of the seat will allow the driver to be comfortable and to be able to drive regularly without noticing back pain.
  • Cruise control . It is an ideal equipment in our car for long road trips, as it allows us to indicate a constant fixed speed which will be automatically maintained by the car. This way you don’t have to keep pressing the accelerator constantly and your feet can relax, which is crucial if you’re going to be driving for several hours.
  • Rear camera and parking sensors . The moment of parking the car is one of the most complex. While there are drivers who do it without problems, others take more time and effort. Thanks to the possibility of having sensors that warn of the proximity of the other vehicle or a camera that sends direct images of what is happening in the rear, the maneuver becomes much easier. Thanks to current technology, it is possible to take this complement one step further and when buying a new car a parking assistant is included that performs this task fully automatically.
  • xenon lights . Including this option when buying a new car can be expensive, but it will be worth it if you expect to drive regularly in night conditions. Its ability to illuminate the road in a much more efficient way than traditional headlights means that if the vehicle is sold again, it will be valued positively by future buyers.