Epic Store launcher consuming a lot of CPU: try these tricks

When we get ready to play on our PC , on many occasions we use the clients corresponding to some of the main game stores. A clear example of all this can be found with the Epic Store launcher, a proposal that continues to grow and improve.

This is software, like many other competitor clients, that we install on our computer to access our library of games in the store. In addition, as a general rule, these programs offer us certain additional functions related to these titles and other players on the platform. With all this, what is achieved is to improve the experience when it comes to spending our moments of entertainment on the computer.

Epic Store launcher consuming a lot of CPU

However, as with most of the software solutions that we install, they do not always work as well as we would like. In fact, sometimes we can find that the aforementioned Epic Store client consumes too much CPU when it is running. This can be a serious problem for the rest of the applications that we have running, and for the launch of the games. It is for all this that we will show you a series of tricks with which you can alleviate this inconvenience.

What do I do if the Epic Store client consumes a lot of CPU

At this point we can take certain measures in order to solve this problem and thus be able to enjoy our games with peace of mind.

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  • Restart and update : As with most PC software, to solve its errors, the first thing we should try is to restart the computer. At the same time we must update both the operating system and the program that is giving us problems, to its latest version.
  • Change the system power plan : Windows allows us to configure different power plans and prioritize either autonomy or performance. In the event that we have configured an energy plan that, of greater importance to the battery , we should modify it. This will possibly resolve the issues with the Epic Store launcher.
  • Be careful with the drivers : another of the software components that we should always keep updated to avoid these problems are those of the CPU, they are the drivers. This is something that we can easily carry out from the System Device Manager . Furthermore, these updates should be extended to all components of the computer.
  • Clear Epic Store Launcher Cache – Clearing the cache of the client we have installed will also help. We just have to go to the installation folder of this program and delete Webcache and Webcache_4147. Once this is done, we will only have to restart the client to see if the high CPU consumption has been solved.
  • Repair the program : we also have the possibility to repair the client itself. To do this we only have to access the software uninstall window of the Windows Control Panel. We locate the entry corresponding to this specific application, and when clicking with the right mouse button we find the Repair option.
  • Disable the antivirus Firewall : it is more common than we would like, and it is that some security solutions such as the antivirus Firewall give us problems. These could be related to the performance of certain applications, as is the case at hand.
  • Reinstall : If all this we have put together does not work, we will always have the possibility to uninstall and reinstall the Epic Store client.