EMUI 10: How to Activate the Google Assistant with the Power Button

The world of virtual assistants has more and more options. Each manufacturer wants to integrate their own, although the Google Assistant is still the most popular and used. Even Huawei mobiles with EMUI 10, can activate a function dedicated to summon the Google assistant just by touching the power button.

EMUI 10: How to Activate the Google Assistant

We have already told you on our site, how Huawei is gradually integrating Celia as a virtual assistant. However, all their mobiles that do have Google Services, continue to integrate Google Assistant or the Google Assistant , as the main application to be able to make queries or activate various actions on our mobile. But there is a less known trick to activate this function that is found in the accessibility options of our Huawei mobile.

Activate with the on / off button

However, in order to summon this virtual butler, we know the classic command “Ok Google” or touch directly on the application. However, Huawei hides a hidden option on their mobiles, which allows activating the Google Assistant with the power button. This allows us to save time by not having to turn on the mobile and touch on the assistant icon or when we do not want or can execute the voice command.

As we say, it is a function that is deactivated by default and that requires entering several menus to find it. What we will have to do is enter the Settings menu and then tap on “Accessibility functions”. Once inside we touch on “Accessibility” and later on “Google Assistant”.

asistente de google en huawei

Finally, we will see the screen that allows us to activate the Google Assistant with the on / off button. We just have to touch the switch for the option to be activated. Now, every time we want to make a query, set an alarm, or hear a joke, we will have to hold the button down for 1 second . The function to be able to turn off or restart the mobile will continue as always, since if we keep the button pressed for three seconds, we will see both options on the screen.

asistente de google en huawei 01

If we don’t have the wizard installed

The Google Assistant should be installed by default on all Huawei mobiles that integrate Google Services. However, in the event that you cannot find it on your mobile, you can always download it manually from Google Play.