The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the mod that Turns it into Castlevania 2

Skyrim met Castlevania

Imagine playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and suddenly finding yourself in the world of Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest . Well, now stop imagining and do it if you want thanks to this mod for Skyrim.

When Skyrim met Castlevania

If you’ve seen High Score , a Netflix original series where they talk about the world of video games and some of the most important titles in history, you probably remember the importance of mods for the success of Doom.

Okay, it wasn’t the only thing. The game itself was a revolution due to its graphics and other elements that broke with what was known until then, but allowing the community to create new worlds and settings from it made many able to capture their most creative vision without need to know one hundred percent how to program a video game.

Well, over the years these mods not only remained in Doom but also became commonplace for many PC titles mainly, where it is much easier to modify the files of any game.

This is how proposals of all kinds were born and for a great variety of titles. To cite a few examples, video games like GTA V, The Sims or the most recent Microsoft Flight Simulator are able to offer new experiences thanks to these mods .

Of course, the best thing is that sometimes these mods allow us to enjoy games within other games or, at least, the setting of one of them, as is the case with this Alternate Star – Live Another Life mod . A proposal that without being really new allows us to bring to the open world of Skyrim the Transylvania that we could meet in Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest.

Of course, nothing like a 2D platform environment but quite the opposite, a rich three-dimensional world where there will be vampires, werewolves and many other monsters that you will meet along the way and with which you will have to end the known chain whip and even exchange hearts for upgrades.

Without a doubt, despite not being anything really new as we have already said, if you like Castlevania and also Skyrim, crossing both experiences can be a fun and curious way to return to the lands proposed by said installment of The Elder Scroll.

How to get to Transylvania from Skyrim

To enjoy this mod for Skyrim that transports you to Castlevania Transylvania, the first thing you have to do (in addition to having the Bethesda game) is download and install the CV2 Simin’s Quest mod . A process that does not differ from what you have to do with other similar ones that also exist for Skyrim.

Once you have it, to travel to this new game experience you will have to go to Sleeping Giant’s tavern in Riverwood . Once you are there, find a ghostly lady and talk to her. Because she will be the one who brings you the possibility of traveling to this new territory within the world of Skyrim.

As soon as you have a conversation, it will be a matter of following the instructions and in nothing you will be with your whip of chains ending the lives of vampires, werewolves and other creatures that will not make your trip easy. Of course, in this new adventure there will be changes regarding the gameplay and you will not be able to swim. A detail that will complicate certain parts, so you will have to demonstrate your skills to overcome them.