Effortless Space Saving: The Best Cloud Storage Apps for Your Mobile

Is your smartphone running out of storage space due to its limited capacity or your extensive collection of files? The process of manually deleting photos, videos, and documents can be time-consuming, and you risk losing precious memories or important data. However, there’s a quicker solution right on your mobile device – using a cloud storage service to save your files online without taking up space on your phone.

Choosing the Right Cloud Storage App

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You have several cloud storage options at your disposal, but it’s essential to stick with trusted apps to safeguard your data. Let’s explore some of the best apps that can help you effortlessly free up space on your smartphone while ensuring the safety of your files.

1. Google Drive: The Tried and True Option

Google Drive is a well-known and widely used app that might already be on your mobile device. With Google Drive, you can securely store photos, videos, documents, and even create backups of your mobile data. If you’re running low on memory, consider subscribing to Google One for additional space. While Google Drive is free, Google One offers various payment plans, starting at just €1.99 per month (with occasional promotions for lower prices).

One of the standout features of Google Drive is its seamless integration with your Google account, making it easy to save and access your files instantly. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to quickly free up space on their smartphones.

2. Dropbox: Streamlined File Management

Dropbox is another well-established cloud storage service that allows you to effortlessly save and share your files. You can set up automatic backups and connect up to three devices. The free version offers 2 GB of storage, and you can earn more space by opting for a paid plan.

One of Dropbox’s standout features is its ability to preview over 175 file types, regardless of your location. This makes it a versatile option for managing and sharing files with ease.

3. Mega: Generous Free Space

Mega is a secure and private cloud storage service that offers ample free storage – a whopping 20 GB. If you require even more space, Mega provides options to upgrade to a plan with up to 16 TB. It’s an excellent choice for storing larger files and heavy data, effectively freeing up space on your smartphone.

In addition to its storage capabilities, Mega offers various tools that may cater to specific user needs, making it a well-rounded cloud storage solution.


With these cloud storage apps, you can swiftly and conveniently free up space on your mobile device while ensuring the safety and accessibility of your files. Explore these trusted options to enjoy a clutter-free smartphone experience and keep your valuable data secure.