Daily iPhone Essentials: The 5 Must-Have Apps for 2024

As we step into the new year, it’s crucial to have a set of go-to applications that make our daily lives more efficient, productive, and enjoyable. These five apps have become essential companions on my iPhone, helping me achieve my goals and stay connected. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

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1. Duolingo: Mastering New Languages

  • Duolingo has become my daily language learning partner. With a resolution to learn Japanese and Finnish, this app keeps me on track. By sharing a Duolingo Super subscription with friends, we’ve made language learning more affordable and fun. In 2024, Duolingo’s new widgets serve as reminders to maintain my daily learning streak.

2. The Diary App: Digital Journaling Made Easy

  • The Diary app has revolutionized how I organize my daily thoughts, emotions, and experiences. In 2024, I plan to use it not only for journaling but also to track personal goals and achievements. Note that the app was introduced with iOS 17.2, so ensure your iPhone is updated to access it.

3. Apple Music: The Soundtrack of Life

  • Music is an integral part of my daily routine. Apple Music remains my top choice for discovering and enjoying music. While I have mixed feelings about its suggestions, the seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem and offline listening feature make it my preferred platform.

4. Patterns: Cultivating Daily Habits

  • To maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop new skills, I rely on Patterns. This straightforward app helps me track daily habits like exercise and programming. In 2024, I aim to establish a consistent routine and build positive habits.

5. Twitter or “X”: Stay Informed and Entertained

  • Twitter, or my preferred social network, keeps me informed and entertained. Unlike TikTok or Instagram, Twitter offers deeper conversations and access to news and studies relevant to my daily life.

These five apps will be my daily companions throughout 2024. What are the five apps you plan to use daily on your iPhone this year? Share your favorites in the comments below and let’s inspire each other for a productive and fulfilling year ahead!