Edge and Chrome will be Able to Recover Tabs from Previous Sessions

Today’s Internet browsers do not stop growing and improving over time, largely due to the enormous use they have at the moment. In fact, it is not expected that it will go down soon, but quite the opposite. Here we refer to software solutions of the importance of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox .

Many users, especially those who make intensive use of the Internet, have a program of this type open almost constantly, or several. Hence the growing importance they have in today’s software industry. But this does not stop, as it happens with the world of technology in general. Hence, new features are coming to us little by little that improve the user experience with these applications .

Edge and Chrome will be Able to Recover Tabs

In this case we want to focus on a firm that wants to be important again in this sector, such as Microsoft . Hence the official launch of the new version of Edge based on Chromium, like the popular Edge , a few months ago. Well, by being part of the aforementioned Chromium project, Microsoft now actively participates in all this by providing new functions.

Microsoft doesn’t stop offering features for Chromium browsers

We tell you all this because Microsoft has now been working on a new tab restore feature for this open source platform. With all this, the aim is to improve the performance of both Edge and Google’s Chrome itself. Thus, in an explanatory document, Microsoft has detailed how it plans to improve browser tab retention and improve the experience and performance of the software.

It is more than common for users to accidentally close their browsers and lose open tabs, with everything that the same session had open. Say that Google Chrome includes a tab retention feature to restore lost tabs and allow users to resume their browsing session. But the truth is that this functionality to which we refer is far from being perfect. Thus, this program has a storage manager that uses the current session and the last session as independent entities. All this in order to detect when a new session is created and when the previous session becomes the last.

Restaurar pestañas edge

In this way, when a new session is created, Chrome removes any other files from the disk like the last previous session, so the data is lost. This affects the lash restoration function.

This will improve the treatment of tabs in Edge and Chrome

Therefore, at this point, Microsoft proposes a new feature for both Chrome and Edge. This will use a new current session and a stored session architecture. Unlike the current method, the stored sessions function is designed to calculate and use a variable number of session files. This includes sessions held in storage for tab restore services.

According to the software giant, the new tab restore can be helpful in restoring tabs, in addition to individual windows, from multiple previous sessions. Therefore, we will be able to recover the contents opened in several previous sessions, which can be very useful in many cases. Also the firm tells us that the feature is designed to work on Windows 10 , macOS, and even ChromeOS . In addition, at first no security problem has been detected. This is because Microsoft’s proposal is designed to increase the session files for restoration, which can lead to increased data read times.