Ecosia: How to Use Chrome’s New Default Search Engine

ecosia-chromeInternet has become an element of daily use that makes our lives a little easier, either from the mobile or from the PC. There are many browsers that we use as Google Chrome or Firefox , as well as the search engines that help us with these tasks.

We have mentioned the search engines because they are websites that are currently a great help when navigating in a more effective way. These serve us to go in a more direct way to those contents that really interest us within the vastness that is the Internet. Over the years this sector has been covered by one of the giants of the technological world, such as Google , but this is not the only one.

There is much world beyond Google on the Internet

In fact, this is the developer of the most used software of this type, Chrome , where it also offers several proposals to choose from in the form of search engines. We tell you this because the firm has just sent the software a new alternative of this type that may interest you a lot. This is the search engine called Ecosia that is already available in Chrome to use as the default search engine.

For those of you who don’t know him yet, when we talk about Ecosia we really mean a Google competitor in the search engine sector. To say that this is a search engine that works with Microsoft Bing and that one of its characteristics is that it donates about 80% of its income to non-profit organizations. A good part of them have to be related to the planting of trees , since it has been set as a goal to plant one billion trees before 2025 .


Therefore, those nature lovers who also want to avoid using Google or Bing, here have a more interesting option. In fact, when accessing the website of the search engine itself, something that you can do from here , we find an accountant that lets us know the trees planted. Of course, we also find the corresponding search box and access to its menu in the upper right corner.

Chrome already lets us choose Ecosia as the default search engine

Once we know all this, as we said at the moment we can choose to use this proposal in the most popular browser in the world. This is a change made by Google itself, as it has silently updated the default search engines in Chrome to include Ecosia.

This is something that we can already see in the Canary and Dev versions of Chrome 81, where if we visit the Settings to choose a search engine, we will see the change. We mean that in the Manage search engines section, we will see that the aforementioned Ecosia has been added recently in the last position. Therefore we can choose this next to the usual Google, Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo .

Ecosia Chrome

Apparently this is something that Mountain View usually do every year, ie update the list of default search engines in Chrome. Thus, users have a greater number of options to choose from to select an element of the importance of the default search engine . At the same time, in the case of opting for Ecosia from now on, we are contributing to the regeneration of our planet thanks to the planting of millions of trees. This is achieved thanks to the revenue generated by search ads .