It Will Be Easier to Delete the Photos of Your Child on the Internet

Easier to Delete the Photos of Your Child on the Internet

One of the biggest “problems” that the Internet has is the ease with which information is disseminated through this medium. In this technological age in which we find ourselves we all make great use of devices that use the Internet , including minors. In addition, there is a pandemic that has caused the use of technology to increase even more, either to study or to work.

Therefore, different aspects must be taken into account when protecting both ourselves and ours when exposing ourselves to the Internet. Google today announced new measures to protect young people from the Internet.

Delete photos of your child from Google Images

It is possible that there are photos of our children in Google that we do not want to be there. That is why Google will soon enable a function that can be used by both minors and their relatives to request that these images be removed from Google Images. It is very important for parents to have parental control tools to help their children.

This is not synonymous with deleting the image from the web, but only removes it from the search that is done, but according to Google this will make young people better control their images on the network.

The company is also going to implement new measures in some of its applications. On YouTube, for example , Digital Wellbeing sections will appear for all minors. Location history will also be disabled for all of them, to improve security.

What more measures is Google going to implement?

Another measure will be to increase the existing search filters for children under 13 to 18, to prevent certain content from appearing that these young people should not see and that could be found when doing a search. A very similar safe search system will also be implemented in the Google Assistant.

A new tool has also been added that will allow the baby’s father and mother to know if an application that their child wants to download is suitable for him.

In schools and institutes where students use the Internet, computers will also have the secure search system activated, preventing even the guest mode from being activated incognito.

Advertising will also be changed to prevent young people from seeing certain explicit or sensitive content in it. Parents can set a screen time duration or set reminders on YouTube to take a break or go to sleep.

With all these new measures and policies, Google hopes to be able to protect all those minors who are exposed to the Internet and who may not know all the dangers that it can have. In addition, parents can also collaborate to help their children use devices or search the web.