EaseUS Todo PCTransComputer Refill/Backup File Software | Computer Mirroring Transfer Application

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Usually we see the process of refilling and backing up files takes way too much time. Introduce you a super practical software, EaseUS Todo PCtrans, which supports mirroring transfer, App Migration, system cleaning, file deletion and some other amazing functions. Users can quickly transfer computer files to designated devices. It provides Microsoft Office (Work, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Photoshop, Chrome, FireFox and many other application transferring. EaseUS Todo PCTrans is free for download, the traditional Chinese interface is well built, and operates smooth as butter, it is quite easy to get used to.

While the Windows operating system is constantly being updated, and it takes a lot of time to back up all the data after computer virus attack, and the whole refilling and installing also drains your time and energy.

To quickly transfer your data, you can absolutely rely on this amazing PC transfer software by EaseUS, which also allows you to quickly transfer documents from your computer to other devices. It supports majority of applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Chrome, FireFox and many others.

There are three major ways of data transmission on EaseUS Todo PCTrans. The first is on LAN network transmission, image file transmission between computers, and lastly transferring files to designated disks.

1. PC to PC

One of the most often used methods, but the Todo PCTrans software needs to be installed on the two computers to transfer to each other. It is recommended to back up files in the same local network to ensure smooth file transfer. Two transfer methods can be selected: A>B and B>A.EaseUS Todo PCTrans-2

2. Image transfer

By creating a mirror file, it allows users to quickly transfer and restore pictures, videos, user accounts, and configuration files to a new computer. After setting the image file, click on the applications and files you want to transfer, and then refill or restore the files on another computer, and click on “Recover from Mirror File” to transfer the instructions.

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3. App migration

Migrating local applications to other disk devices by selecting a single backup software, which is suitable for transfer methods with a small number of files.EaseUS Todo PCTrans-4

In addition to the file transfer function, EaseUS Todo PCTrans also has a built-in System Cleanup function. You must develop a regular cleaning of computer junk files, which can extend the life of the hard disk and use it smoothly.EaseUS Todo PCTrans-5

Before the computer is backed up or refilled, users can also clean up large volume of files. Slot C can store files temporarily, which takes up a lot of hard disk capacity. By deleting junk files it allows you to save a lot of time on transferring files.