Download Torrents from Chrome or Firefox without Installing Anything in Windows

This is something that has been with us for many years, we are referring to downloading files in torrent format . Although all this is often associated with piracy, these files are used in many other environments and types of use.

As most of you probably already know, they are used to exchange all kinds of data, especially large files. P2P networks and the corresponding uTorrent or qBitTorrent clients , among many others, are generally used for this. That, although it is a simple practice, this torrent download can become a somewhat annoying process for the novice in these lides.

Download Torrents from the Browser: Best Programs

Part of all this is given by the mentioned use of additional clients, programs that have to be downloaded, installed and configured. That is why at this point, many consider that it would be much easier to be able to download a torrent directly from the web browser. This is something that would make things a lot easier for these newbies, or for others who don’t want to use additional software.

That is why in these same lines we are going to solve this crossroads, since we will show you how you can download torrents from the browser itself. In fact, there are several paths that we can take to do this, as we will see. Whether we use these types of practices in a timely manner, or more intensively, we may prefer to do it from the browser . In fact over time this is something that has greatly improved.

Download torrent through extensions

To start we will tell you that the extensions that we normally use in programs such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox will also help us in this case. We add these small pieces of software to these browsers to increase their versatility. Well, as expected, they will also help us in the torrent sector.

Torrent Control

In fact and depending on the software to move around the Internet that we usually use, we have several alternatives in this regard. For example this is the case of Torrent Control for Firefox that you can download from here . This extension allows us to deal with torrents or magnet links directly from the Mozilla software.

Torrent Control Firefox


Something similar happens if we refer to the leading browser on the market with is Google Chrome . Here we also find extensions specially indicated for it, such as JSTorrent, a proposal that you can access from the official store and that relies on JavaScript to turn Chrome into a torrent client. This will greatly facilitate torrent downloads directly from the Google browser.

Price: Free

uTorrent Easy Client

At the same time, we will tell you that this is not the only proposal in this regard, but we can also use uTorrent Easy Client, an extension that the Chrome store itself offers us. Thus, after a simple configuration of the extension as such, we can access our torrent without the need for third-party clients.

uTorrent easy client
Developer: Anton
Price: Free

uTorrent easy client Chrome

.torrent to Transmission

But that is not all, we also find the add-on. Torrent to Transmission that you can download in seconds. This proposal is especially indicated for regular Transmission clients, who want to download torrent directly from Chrome.

.torrent to Transmission
Developer: quickdry21
Price: Free

Browsers go beyond Chrome or Firefox

When we refer to Internet browsers, proposals such as Edge, Firefox or Chrome generally come to mind. But these are not the only programs of this type that we can get hold of. Many other developers launch their own projects in this regard, some focused on certain topics, such as security or privacy.

Brave web browser

Well, this is the case of Brave , a proposal that has its market and that has been with us for a while. Thus, at this point, we will say that this is a program that has native support for downloading torrent files. Therefore, as we mentioned before, if we use this web browser, we avoid having to resort to third-party solutions.

Brave torrent

Use web versions of torrent clients

uTorrent Web

There are many proposals in the form of torrent clients that we can draw on for a long time. These programs, as we mentioned before, allow us to configure them to deal with P2P networks and download these files in the best way. But at the same time and over the years, their developers have realized that many users prefer to use the browser for these tasks.

In this way, what some have done has been to bring the client to their own web version to download from the browser itself. For example, this is the case of one of the most popular clients, since some time ago its top managers launched uTorrent Web . In this way and as you can imagine, we can download these files directly from our favorite browser, whatever it is.

utorrent web


The same happens with the case of BitTorrent, another of the mythical P2P clients in the sector that also have their own web version that we access from here . Also in both cases it is worth noting that from these web versions, we also have the opportunity to transmit torrent videos directly from here.


Say that another solution similar to these two that we just mentioned, we see in WebTorrent, an alternative that we find in this URL . This was created specifically to integrate BitTorrent in the browser, something that served as a basis for platforms like Netflix and the like. And the same happens with the proposal called βTorrent , a web alternative for torrents that also integrates its own search engine for these files.

βTorrent web

Other alternatives to download torrents in the browser


These proposals that we have talked about so far are perhaps the best known in this regard, or at least the most comfortable. But they are not the only ones that we are going to find in this same sense. That is why we do not want to miss the service they offer us from Seedr that you access from this link . Say that this is a web platform based on the browser in which we have the possibility of adding torrents. These will then be downloaded through Seedr’s own servers.

Saying that this means that other users will not see our IP address , making the process more anonymous and private. At the same time when a download ends in Seedr, we can download the files to the computer, transmit them directly from the browser, or broadcast them through Chromecast , for example.

Servicio Seedr

And finally, it is also worth knowing other similar solutions of the same type, as happens, for example, with This is a download service that has been with us for a long time and can be accessed from here . Of course, we must bear in mind that in addition to downloading torrents , it also supports other types of online downloads from other platforms.

Therefore, as we can see, when working with files in torrent format, both on upload and download, we do not have to limit ourselves to clients. And as we have seen, we have many other alternatives that allow us to perform these tasks directly from our favorite Internet browser.