Complete Guide to Download and Install Play Store on Huawei Mobiles

May 2019 saw one of the biggest shifts in the mobile phone industry. Huawei was forcibly prevented from using Google Mobile Services (GMS) due to its inclusion in the Entity List of the US Department of Commerce. After this, the company has not stopped launching new phones such as the Huawei. Mate 30, Mate 40 and the P40, without Google apps.

This has caused Huawei’s mobile sales to have plummeted over the last year and that big bargains can be found in brutal brand smartphones like the Huawei P40. Unfortunately, these smartphones suffer the burden of not having Google services, which prevents you from downloading and installing Play Sobre on your Huawei mobile , in addition to many other apps from the North American giant.

Why don’t the new Huawei phones carry the Play Store?

After the inclusion in the list of entities of the US Department of Commerce, Google was forced to stop collaborating with the Chinese brand in the development of its phones. This means that, as has happened so far, Chinese smartphones can work with an unlicensed version of Android, that is, they cannot use Google services (GMS). These services make it possible to pay with the phone, access its location, etc …

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After this blow, Huawei began to develop its own application services for phones, the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), which, imitating the GMS , allowed it to grow its own application store, AppGallery.

Still, some of Huawei’s phone owners want to access Google apps on their newly purchased mobiles, but there is no official way to do so. All you can try is to make use of these third-party alternatives that appear and disappear every so often.

Method 1: LZPlay (EMUI 10)

One of the best known ways to install Google services on mobile phones of the Chinese brand is to use LZPlay, which allowed us to access GoogleFier, a famous app that allows us to install Google apps on Huawei mobiles ,

This system automates the entire process, thanks to a practical download button that will replace the backup of our mobile with another that allows us to install the services of the Internet giant.

Googlefier bases its operation on clicking on the buttons indicated with numbers that appear on the screen and following the instructions offered by the app, who is in charge of adjusting the mobile and installing the different packages necessary to bring Google apps to the mobile.

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It works?

Unfortunately, LZPlay stopped working within days of discovering this method.

Method 2: Googlefier (Emui 10.x)

Googlefier uses the LZPlay system of the evolved Mate 30, which is why it has become the favorite tool used by developers looking to download and install the Play Store on Huawei phones , as well as the rest of Google apps.

Installing apps through Googlefier is simple, just install this APK , grant permissions, and follow the onscreen instructions. The process may take a few minutes and it is recommended that you make a backup copy of the data hosted on the mobile before continuing with the installation of the Google application. of course, you can uninstall Googlefier after installation of the Google application or go back to the previous settings using a button in the application itself.


It works?

As of today, the latest versions of Googlefier allow applications to be installed on some Huawei and Honor devices, but there is no confirmation that it works correctly on all phones of both brands.

Method 3: GSpace

As we have said, Googlefier works with models prior to EMUI 11, so current efforts to download the Play Store on Huawei phones and make it fully functional are focused on the latest version of the Chinese manufacturer’s operating system.

This is where Gspace comes in, an app that creates a private space on the mobile desktop where we can install Google apps, starting with the Play Store. Download this APK and install it supporting the apps of unknown origin. then you must log in with your Google account and start installing the apps you need.

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It works?

Sometimes we are going to find that some of the downloaded apps do not work quite well, but we have tried this method on our Huawei P40 Pro and most Google apps work without problems. Play Store appears available to decorate all the apps you want.

Method 4: Downgrade to EMUI 10.x

If you work with EMUI 11, the GSpace virtual space does not convince you and you prefer to try using Googlefier to install Google services on your mobile , you can always go back to a previous version of the operating system and try Method 2 again.

Here you have a complete tutorial to go back to a previous version of EMUI in a simple way, choosing the version of the operating system to which you want to return, not without first making a backup copy of your data.

Can I update my mobile after installing the GMS?

A question that affects many of Huawei mobile users without GMS is what happens when they are installed. As we have already seen, some of these methods are “capped” by the manufacturer or by the app developer himself for personal reasons but, as long as they work, we can update the Google apps that we host on our phone in the usual way, from the Play Store that we have downloaded.

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In the same way, you can update the operating system with different patches but we recommend not going from EMUI 10 to EMUI 11 in case these Google apps disappear due to a new action by Huawei. Nothing should happen but just as it is not possible to use Googlefier in EMUI 11 , it is possible that when going from EMUI 10 to the latest version of the system some applications stop working as before.