Download All the Wallpapers of the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 have already been officially presented, and many users are waiting to reserve their first units. This year we have no less than four models to choose from, although even so, many will continue to maintain their iPhone 11. Be one of those that is going to be done with a new or brand new Apple terminal, or keep a previous generation, or even have an Android mobile, we can now download their official wallpapers before the devices go on sale.

Every generation is born with a handful of new wallpapers. It is something common that serves to give personality to each model and that all brands do. It is also very common that we can enjoy them even before the phones reach the market, as is the case with the new iPhone 12. Remember that both the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro can be reserved from tomorrow, Friday, October 16, being able to be officially bought a week later. For its part, November 6 is the day chosen to reserve the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, with an expected arrival in stores on November 13.

Ten new wallpapers for the iPhone 12

Before that happens, we can “dress” our current iPhone iPhone 12, putting its wallpapers, which are also compatible with any Android mobile . This time Apple has released 10 wallpapers or wallpapaers, which are compatible with the dark mode and the light mode of iOS. Specifically, there are five for each color mode, which the system will automatically adjust in the new iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 fondos

Download at original quality

The backgrounds have been taken directly from the latest beta version of iOS 14.1, and have a resolution of 1.35 x 2.934 pixels. This resolution should adapt well to all smartphones , although they should be adjusted on those phones with more stretched aspect ratios, as is the case with some Sony Xperia. Although the funds that you see in this news are those that correspond, they are not of the highest quality available. In order to download the ten official iPhone 12 wallpapers , you will have to click on the link below these lines and that will allow you to have them of the highest quality. The link is “Mega” and it separates the images into the five dark and light ones. The total weight of all the files is slightly more than 14 megabytes.