Does your Xiaomi burn? Check the temperature before it's too late

If you have noticed that your Xiaomi is hotter than it should be , and it is not because you have exposed it to high temperatures or not exclusively for that reason, it is time to check the temperature of your phone’s battery so that is kept in better condition for longer and thus prevent it from being too late when you do it.

There are many functions and actions that can cause your phone temperature to rise and experience battery problems on your Xiaomi, such as using non-original chargers, fast charging, playing games for a long time, demanding applications, or even exposing it to high temperatures. , among many others.

Does your Xiaomi burn

How to know the temperature of your Xiaomi

Luckily, on your phone you can check the temperature of your Xiaomi mobile and its use at any time without the need for external applications. It is much easier than you imagine. Checking the temperature of your Xiaomi is very simple:

  • Go to your mobile settings
  • Scroll down to the Battery and Performance option (you will need to pull down the screen)
  • You will see a menu above that says Battery saver and Battery
  • Select the Battery option
  • There you will find the temperature of your mobile


It is recommended that it does not exceed 40ºC , and that it does not do so for a long time because it could endanger your phone and its components. On the other hand, from the main screen, if there is a problem it will indicate it to you , and if you click on the warning you will find what is happening and some suggestions. We do not recommend that you resort to external applications because you do not need them and they can even do more harm than good.

In addition to the temperature of the mobile , you will know the percentage of battery charge, the estimated time left and it offers you the possibility to opt for battery saving or extreme saving. You will see a graph of battery use and the consumption classification according to the application.


From the information of the application , if you give it, you can force its stop, uninstall or know more details. This will be especially interesting in background applications that consume a lot or if you see an app that is draining your battery and you don’t know where it came from.

Dangers of your mobile getting too hot

As you may have seen, in addition to seeing the temperature of your mobile, you can perform certain actions to optimize your charges, so spend time on each one of them so that it lasts longer not only on that charge, but also to increase the life use of your battery.

If you don’t, some problems that you could be exposed to if the mobile gets too hot are:

  • Your mobile can suddenly turn off
  • The battery degrades , swells and/or lasts less
  • Your phone may start to experience performance issues
  • The screen can be affected by large exposures to the sun
  • Overheating could, in the most drastic cases, end in an explosion
  • Your physical integrity could be at risk in more extreme situations
  • Although it is not so relevant, your case can be affected

Xiaomi se calienta

Some tips if your Xiaomi gets too hot

You can do many things so that your Xiaomi does not burn so much, especially if it happens occasionally:

  • Check your temperature to see if it is abnormal
  • Close apps that consume more battery
  • Close background apps
  • Use the battery optimization settings of your mobile
  • Use battery saving mode
  • put on airplane mode
  • take off the cover
  • Turn it off until it cools down
  • Don’t leave your phone directly in the sun
  • Don’t charge it if it’s hot
  • Use an original charger
  • Use an antivirus to see if it has viruses or malware

There may even come a time when you have to change the battery because it has exceeded its charge cycles and is about to stop working.