Do you want nobody to see your LibreOffice documents? use this function

Everything related to security is gradually covering most of the current software sectors. A clear example of all this can be found in the office documents that we handle on a daily basis. Sometimes these contain certain content that we don’t want to fall into other hands, so suites like LibreOffice allow us to encrypt our projects.

To all this, we must add that most computers currently have an internet connection . From it we share all kinds of files with other users, but it is advisable to take certain precautions. This will help us safeguard the personal privacy of our work and prevent certain content from falling into other hands. As we mentioned before, all this is something that can be done, especially important when we talk about office work.

Do you want nobody to see your LibreOffice documents

Whether it’s a spreadsheet, a multimedia presentation or a text file , sometimes these contain personal and sensitive data. Therefore, if we are going to store these files on the PC, send them by mail, or share them in some way over the Internet, it is best to protect them in some way. Taking into account that one of the most widespread and used office suites is LibreOffice, it could not fail in this regard. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of protecting and encrypting our documents created here.

We must bear in mind that we are referring to a set of open source programs that we can download, install and use for free. This way we make sure that only the people we want will have access to the file as such.

This change allows you to protect your LibreOffice files

Specifically, we will tell you that from the programs that are part of the aforementioned office suite, we have the possibility of protecting and encrypting the files created . Actually, what we are doing is limiting access to the content of these files through a password. In addition, and for even greater protection, we have the possibility of encrypting everything that is part of these elements.

It is for all this that if you want to take care of the files you create or edit in these LibreOffice programs, we are going to show you how to add a password or encrypt them . Also, you have to know that the process is practically the same in most of the applications that are part of the suite. Initially, what we do is create and edit the documents with which we work in these programs, in a conventional way. The main change for your protection will come at the moment in which we are going to save that file.

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Thus, in the usual save window that we find in most Windows applications, we must take a look at two options that are presented. This is found at the bottom of said window and will allow us to set a password or completely encrypt the file that we are going to save. These applications that are part of the suite use encryption with a GPG key in order to prevent access to the content if the corresponding password is not available.

Of course, we must memorize well or write down that password, because otherwise we could lose access to the file ourselves.