Do not log in with your Twitter account on other websites, your security is at risk

One option that Twitter and other social networks allow us is to log in to some platforms without registering. Basically we arrive at a page or an application and we find the message to create an account or log in through a third party. But of course, although the latter is more comfortable, the truth is that it can have problems. In this article we are going to talk about why it is not advisable to log in with your Twitter account on other websites.

Why it’s a bad idea to log in with Twitter

Do not log in with your Twitter account on other websites

Without a doubt, it is a fast and comfortable option , since we do not have to register on that page or application that we want to use. Just click on the button to log in with Twitter and having already an account on this social network automatically enter our data and we can enter. But before continuing to do this, it is interesting to know the risks.

In general terms we can say that logging in through a social network, be it Twitter or any other, is not a good idea . Ultimately you are entrusting personal data to another platform and vulnerabilities can always arise. That could result in them breaking into your account or collecting personal information. But also, if that platform stops working, you could not continue using the other account.

But to all this we must add one more problem, and that is that Twitter has been having technical problems for days. Specifically, part of the social network login system is broken. Twitter’s two-step authentication began to fail on November 14. 2FA is an extra security barrier for our accounts, since to log in we must enter a code that we receive by SMS, for example.

The fact that this fails means that there may be problems if you have it set up and want to change the password or log in with your fingerprint. This may affect other websites where we log in through Twitter, using 0Auth.

Vulnerabilidad en Twitter

Change the login method

So what should you do if you use Twitter to log in to other platforms? Our advice, the same one that they have launched from the social network itself, is that you change the method to log in . Avoid doing it through Twitter. You will have to go to the relevant websites and set it up to log in differently.

You can go to More options, Settings and support, Settings and privacy, Security and account access and access Applications and sessions. There you will be able to see the connected applications and take measures on those that you deem appropriate to avoid security problems and also be unable to enter.

In short, as you can see, it is not such a good idea to log in through Twitter on other platforms. That could lead to problems and it is better to use other methods. Also, in the last days they are having problems with 2FA, so it makes it even more necessary to avoid this option to log in. It is always convenient to see the applications and sites linked to a social network.