Do not despair in your games, consult the guides directly on Steam

When it comes to enjoying our favorite games on PC, today we use online stores like the one offered by Valve with its popular Steam . Generally, here we accumulate titles in our library in order to run the ones that interest us whenever we want.

The truth is that for most users something as common years ago as going to a physical store to buy games has been left far behind. Today the most common thing is to acquire the digital version of the games that we want from one of the many stores to which we have free access. These offer us a huge number of available titles that we can acquire, pay for, download, install and run in a matter of minutes. The advantages of all this are quite evident with respect to what happened long ago.

consult the guides directly on Steam

But that’s not all, as the clients for some of these PC gaming platforms are extremely useful and functional. This is the case of the aforementioned Steam , which could be considered the highest benchmark in the entertainment sector. Valve ‘s proposal offers us a huge number of titles to choose from belonging to all kinds of categories and prices. In this way we can add our favorite games to the personal library that we create through the Steam client that we install on the computer.

In addition, from the program that we mentioned you will have at your fingertips a multitude of functions related to these games or with the rest of the users. We will have the possibility to manage our personal library, interact with other players , exchange objects and much more.

Get to finish your games thanks to the help of Steam

In these same lines we are going to focus on a function that the aforementioned client offers us and that perhaps some of you still do not know. Surely on more than one occasion most of you have found that you can not advance in a game . After several attempts and wasted time, on many occasions we resort to third-party websites that offer us guides to be able to continue. What you may not know is that the Steam client itself also helps us with this type of task.

What we really mean is that the client that we are talking about for the gaming platform offers us several guides for most of its titles that will be of help to us. In this way we will be able to continue advancing in the title with this extra help without having to resort to external third-party solutions. To achieve this, the first thing we do is run the Steam client on our computer in order to access our own game library .

Here we find a list in which we can see all the titles that we have accumulated over time. It must be said that we can execute these whenever we want. But to achieve the goal we are looking for now, we must click on the specific video game for which we want to receive help in the form of a guide .

guía steam

Among the tabs that we see in the new window belonging to the selected title, we find a precisely called Guides . Now we no longer have to click on it to find different aids of this type. Thus, we will only have to click on the one that interests us the most to receive the help we need and continue with the game. What’s more, if necessary, we can even create our own through the Create guide button.