What you should do before installing fiber to have no problems

If you are going to install the fiber at home, the operator or technician will have previously called to make an appointment. One day and one hour in which the technician will come to your house to do everything necessary so that you can have Internet and leave all the equipment in your house installed, working and ready to start using. But there are a series of aspects that we must take into account, a series of steps that we must follow before the fiber is installed or the technician comes to the house.

Although you will not need to “give” anything to the technician (tools, etc.), you should keep in mind that there are a number of aspects that you must have controlled if you want the installation to proceed normally. If you do not do it, not only will you waste time for the person who is going to install fiber optics in your house, but it is likely that they will not be able to do it that day and you will have to wait for another appointment to get everything ready.

before installing fiber to have no problems

So take note, for everyone’s sake, of everything you should have ready before your technician arrives and before the appointment time with him arrives.

The key to the RITI

It is essential that you have a key to the RITI or communication room of the building if your block has it and you are going to do a fiber installation. The RITI is the Interior Telecommunications Installations Enclosure and it is usual for the newest and most current buildings to have a room dedicated to this, a room where If the fiber installation is already done (because you have simply made a change of operator or the previous tenant already had it) you will also need this key so that the technician can verify that the client is connected to the port that corresponds to it and to label the connection. So you should always have the key to the RITI.

Who has the key to the RITI? You must make sure that the community doorman is there at the time the technician is going to go, but it may also be that the administrator or president of the building or a neighbor in charge has the key. In any case, find out beforehand to have the key ready at the time of installation.

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Where are you going to put the router?

Although it will normally be the technician who will tell you where to put the router or some new apartments have a PAU or User Access Point prepared to place the router here and with everything prepared, not all have it. In that case, you must be clear about where you are going to want to place it or where you will need it. You may want the best coverage in the home office or you may want to put it in the entrance… Whenever possible, we must be clear about this before the appointment.

PAU Router

Do I need to ask the neighbors for permission?

No, you do not need to ask the neighbors for permission to install fiber optics at your home. You can install fiber in your home without any problem and they cannot prevent you from doing so. In addition, normally almost all buildings currently have a pre-installation done but, in any case, you do not need authorization since 2013 in which it was approved that it was not necessary to obtain a permit from the public authorities to deploy fiber.


How long will the installation take?

It depends. It depends on whether or not the installation is done (because it is a new building or because there was a previous owner or tenant who already had fiber optics) or if it is not. It depends on the type of building or house in which the installation has to be done or from where the fiber has to be pulled from and the possible complications that may appear, but, in general, if a complete installation has to be carried out, you can estimate that it will take approximately about two hours in total although, as we say, it will depend on many different factors.