DNS Attacks Will Increase with Christmas

When browsing the Internet we can suffer many types of attacks that compromise our privacy and security. This can happen at any time and on any device or system. Now, it is a reality that at certain times of the year these cybersecurity problems can be greater. In this article we explain why DNS attacks will increase with Christmas .

DNS attacks are going to increase this Christmas

Christmas is a time of year when online shopping, spending time at home, receiving gifts … And all this also translates into greater use of the Internet. Hackers know this and can take advantage of just these times to increase their attacks at all levels.

DNS Attacks

According to a report from the Neustar company that we echo, 78% of the IT security professionals surveyed believe that there will be an increase in DNS-based attacks over the next few weeks.

It must be taken into account that this type of attack can be very varied, although one of the main ones is domain hijacking, which represents 41% of the total. Cache poisoning or DNS spoofing is also very important, accounting for 28%, as well as DNS tunneling (16%) and zombie domain attacks (15%).

There are many users who these weeks are going to make purchases online, browse and use any of the many social networks that are available to be in contact with friends or family. This makes attackers see an opportunity to, for example, hijack domains.

In this way they achieve that when a user enters a website to make a purchase, when accessing the domain he is actually entering another one modified by the attackers with the aim of stealing their data, passwords and, ultimately, compromising privacy and security.

The more users are using a service, the more likely it is to be successful and able to attack. Therefore, a time like Christmas offers a range of possibilities for attackers and makes users need to be more alert to avoid problems.

Ataques APDoS

Tips to navigate safely this Christmas

It is essential to take into account a series of tips to navigate safely this Christmas and avoid problems not only from DNS-based attacks , but from any other. One point to take into account is to update all the equipment. Hackers often take advantage of vulnerabilities that are present in the network, in systems and devices. We must always have all of them patched and thus correct problems.

It is also very important to have security tools . A good antivirus can prevent the entry of threats that compromise us. This is something that we must apply regardless of the type of operating system or device that we are using.

But without a doubt something that can not be missing is common sense . Avoiding making mistakes that compromise us is very important. For example, not falling into the trap of Phishing, downloading malicious files or making mistakes when using our equipment.

In short, protecting ourselves at Christmas is more important than ever due to the increase in cyber attacks. You can see a complete tutorial to protect the security of the equipment.