Discover the All in One computers: compact and powerful

If you have little space in your house, you probably think that it is impossible to have a desktop computer . However, that’s because you don’t know about All in One computers yet. They are the perfect alternative to PCs for those looking to take up as little space as possible in their home. And they can be just as powerful!

All in One computers are the perfect hybrid between a laptop and a desktop. Because despite occupying practically the same as the first, they have better features. If you were considering getting one, there are certain keys that you must take into account before choosing. Continue reading!

Discover the All in One computers

What are All in One computers

Whether you work or study, laptop screens end up being insufficient. Thirteen inches , or fifteen at best, is no help to your eyesight at all. That’s when you usually opt for desktop computers. By being able to put larger screens on it, they end up being much more comfortable. However, they are not always the best solution.

All in one de Samsung con Windows 10

Desktop computers require additional tower space, and this is not always possible. If you have had to make your office in a small corner of your home, you will undoubtedly understand this problem.

This is when the so-called All in One computers come into play. These computers, despite being desktop, occupy very little . But they continue to offer much larger screens! This is the winning combination for many users.

The fundamental characteristic of these devices is that everything is on the screen . The CPU no longer needs additional space. They are perfect for those looking to have a small office or study space in a narrow space.

The advantages and disadvantages of these computers

However, the advantages of the All in One do not end here. In addition, they allow you to transport them easily if you have to move from time to time. Instead of having to carry both the tower and the screen, everything will go on the screen itself.

Although its strong point with respect to laptops is that they have more inches . If you are one of those who spends hours and hours in front of the computer, either out of necessity or pleasure, it is something that you will notice. Your eyes will thank you in the long run, and you’ll also be able to work with the split screen and consult more than one application at the same time. In addition, they are usually more powerful than laptops.

Of course, it has a clear disadvantage: you will not be able to use them anywhere . You will necessarily have to work connected to the current, with which nothing to work on the way home, for example.

Uso de ordenador All in One

With respect to other desktop computers , it is important to note that the All in One has a much more minimalist concept. Not only does it save space, but it is something that you will notice aesthetically. They are elegant, discreet and easy to accommodate in any room.

But also with these devices we find some disadvantages. All in Ones tend to have worse specifications than traditional desktop computers. The reason is simple: they have less space for components, and that ends up harming them. When these types of PCs have very high features, usually so is the price .

The key when choosing a computer of this type is to be aware of both its strong points and those that are not so strong. In this way, the decisions you make will end up satisfying you much more in the long run. From Topes de Gama we recommend this type of computer to all those who need a small and compact desktop. Because they are an exceptional solution.

Fundamental parameters of an All in One

If the concept of All in One computers is perfect for you, you should know that there are certain parameters that you must take into account before buying one. The first thing is to know exactly what you want it for . What use will you give? If this is going to be quite intense, like playing video games or professionally editing videos, you will need its specifications to be high. Otherwise, you may not have to be so picky in this regard.

All in One de Apple en escritorio

  • The first thing you should consider when buying a computer like this is its size and weight . The screen will be the one that guides the total size, and there are different sizes. The most common range from 22 inches to 27 inches, also passing through 24 inches . Although it will depend a lot on the space you have, we recommend 24 inches as the ideal size.
  • The resolution of the screens is one of the most important points. Unlike what happens with desktop computers, in this case you will not be able to change the screen. At a minimum, look for the resolution to be HD. You will find some computers, of the highest range, with 4K resolution. They are not necessary, but they can be a good alternative depending on the use you are going to give them.
  • The brain of the computer is the processor and its efficiency will depend on it. If you are only going to perform basic tasks, an Intel Core i3 will suffice. There will be no office work that can resist you with this one. However, if you want something more, it is best to consider the possibility of getting an Intel i5 or similar.
  • RAM memory is closely linked to the processor and is also important. At a minimum, look for computers that have more than 4 GB of RAM. If you find one at a good price that offers 8 GB, all the better! Because you will be able to carry out even the heaviest tasks without problems.
  • The internal storage , or ROM memory, will depend on the use you make of the computer. The ideal is from 128 GB SSD , but you may not need more than 64 GB. In that case, it’s money you can save! Also, cloud storage is always an option.
  • All in Ones typically include speakers . The quality of these is not usually the best, so it never hurts to decide to buy alternatives.
  • Connectivity is important in all kinds of devices, from desktops to laptops. It is essential that they have several USB ports so that you can connect the peripherals if you want them to be wired. In addition, it does not hurt to bring an HDMI cable in case you need to connect another screen. Beyond this, it is a bit to adapt to what you need. Or purchase a HUB port if necessary.
  • Within the operating systems , the two best known are Windows and Mac. And at this point it should be noted that about tastes, colors. Choose the one with which you feel most comfortable or most useful when working. Of course: Apple is much more expensive than other brands, so you will notice it in the price.
  • To briefly mention peripherals , you should know that many All in Ones include them in the price. But one of its great advantages is that you can change them whenever you want, so here you have complete freedom.
  • Lastly, price is always a deciding factor. It is you who must set a limit, taking into account both your needs and the use you are going to make of the computer . From Topes de Gama we are going to show you All in One computers of all ranges so that you can choose between them.

All in One computers for less than €600

Once all the specifications that you must analyze before making your purchase have been analyzed, let’s see models! We have divided them into two sections to make it much easier for you to find the one you need. First of all, we have the All in One computers that are under €600 . They are perfect if you do not want to make too intensive use, or if you are only going to carry out basic tasks.

HP 22-inch with AMD Ryzen 3

Within All in One computers, HP is one of the most recognized brands. That is why you will see many models of their computers in our guide. This firm offers the best quality at a much lower price than the rest, which deserves that privileged position.

HP 22 pulgadas

This HP model has a 21.5-inch screen and Full HD resolution. For those who do not need a very large monitor, it is an exceptional option. Plus, it’s the most affordable! And that is always a big plus. It comes with peripherals included, both mouse and keyboard, both wired so you don’t have to worry about the battery.

As for the processor , it has an AMD Ryzen 3 325OU ideal for those looking for maximum efficiency in daily tasks. Whether it’s work or study, it’s more than enough. The RAM memory has 8 GB and the internal storage it offers is 256 GB SSD .

The operating system is updated to the latest version of Windows 11 Home. If you are concerned about the design of your new computer, you should know that HP takes care of all the details. It is minimalist , modern and very discreet, perfect for any office or office. The price is usually below €500 .

High-quality 24-inch All-in-One computers

We continue with HP computers, but in this case we jump to 24 inches. If you work with a multi -window or if you simply want a larger screen, it is the best alternative.

HP 24 pulgadas lateral

The specifications remain in the line, since it has a Ryzen 3 processor . In addition, it has 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD. With all of this, there will be no app you can’t download or work you can’t deliver.

It has a camera that you can cover whenever you need it. The design stays the same: a micro-edge screen on three sides and a thicker bottom to accommodate the speakers. The speakers offer quite good quality despite the type of computer it is. Plus, it has enough USB ports that you never have to worry about it. The price is around €600, although you can find it cheaper if you take advantage of some offers.

A Primux brand computer

We now turn to a different brand, Primux . The screen remains at 23.8 inches, a size that Topes de Gama considers ideal. In this case, the processor is a Celeron J3355 that offers great fluidity and performance.

all in one iox primux

The RAM of this computer is somewhat lower, only 4 GB. However, as we pointed out at the beginning, it is more than enough for any basic task you want to perform. As for the hard drive , it is a 64 GB SSD.

It comes with both a wireless keyboard and mouse, so you don’t have to worry about buying different peripherals. The operating system is Windows 10, although it can be updated to the latest version. As for the price, it is always below €600 . Without a doubt, a good computer in terms of value for money.

MECHAZER Z1: with Intel Core i5

We raise the bar slightly with this MECHAZER Z1 , the first we see with Intel Core i5. Its processor is capable of reaching up to 3.4 GHz, thus offering quite a bit of speed compared to other computers in the same range.

Mechazer Z1 All in One

It has 8 GB RAM memory and a 256 GB SSD storage capacity, so you won’t be able to ask for anything more in this regard. Working or studying with this computer will be like sewing and singing, and you can even play with it.

The screen offers Full HD resolution , and incorporates Intel HD Graphics 4000. In terms of its design, it is much more modern than previous screens. Being white, a very attractive minimalist style is achieved.

If you are concerned about connectivity , you should know that it offers 6 USB ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI and a VGA. In addition, it also has a microphone input and an audio output. And all this for less than €600 and with Windows 10 Pro installed.

The highest range: All in One computers for demanding

If you are one of those who needs something else, or if your budget allows it, we have some All in One computers with better features. And we’ve even added other operating systems beyond Windows , for those who prefer.

The Lenovo you were looking for

The first we bring from this range is a Lenovo IdeaCentre AiO . The screen remains at the standard 24 inches , and offers an interesting Full HD resolution. In this sense, you will not need anything else to be able to work comfortably.

All in One Lenovo

A very striking point at the design level is its support. It helps the screen to be in the best possible position and you don’t have to strain your eyes or your neck. In addition, it allows you to have as few cables as possible to keep your office as organized as possible.

As for the processor , we are facing a tenth generation Intel Core i3 powerful enough for you to work without problems. Also, it has 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD. There will be no task that will present you with problems with this computer.

The price remains between €600 and €700, so, despite being of a higher range, it is still very affordable.

We go to 27 inches: big time!

We return to HP but we go to 27 inches . For lovers of big screens, this All in One computer is one of the best. It also has a Full HD resolution that will allow you to appreciate every detail in the most precise way possible. It also includes an HD camera for all your video calls.

HP 27 pulgadas

The processor is a 10th generation Intel Core i5. Along with this, it should be noted that it has 16 GB of RAM , making it the most powerful so far. The storage capacity is quite high at 512 GB SSD.

It comes with Windows 10 installed, although it also offers the possibility of updating it. In addition, it brings with it both a wireless mouse and keyboard. Of course: the price rises above € 800 . Because the benefits must be paid at the end, and this offers many!

One of the most powerful All in One computers

For those looking for power but prefer 24 inches , HP also has this alternative: an eleventh generation Intel Core i7 processor -based computer. It is the most powerful with Windows, and also one of the most expensive. In return, you will be ensuring that you have a device capable of doing practically any task.

hp 24 pulgadas gama alta lateral

The RAM memory is 8 GB, while the internal storage amounts to 1 TB. There will be no photograph or file that does not have a place on this computer.

Actually, this All in One computer has the same power as any other desktop that has more or less the same price. The difference is that it will take up much less space and will be much more elegant. For about €1,200 it can be yours forever, and with peripherals included!

Apple All in One Computers: 22-inch iMac

Let’s move on to the world of Apple and its All in One computers. The first one we bring is this 21.5-inch iMac, with an Intel Core i5 processor . Although it may seem inferior to the previous ones, we must point out that it is difficult to compare devices with Windows and others with macOS. They are very different from each other, and are intended for disparate users.

iMac de 22 pulgadas

It has an 8 GB RAM memory with which you can perform almost any task. To this we must add that it offers 1 TB storage so you never have to resort to alternative hard drives.

Design is one of Apple’s strengths, as can be seen in this computer. Connectivity will never be a problem, since it has USB-C ports so you can connect everything you need. And it incorporates the Apple peripherals that will completely make you fall in love. Of course: the price exceeds €1,200.

The latest iMac: 24-inch and M1 chip

For those looking for something more, the iMac with M1 processor is a great alternative. It is the latest from Apple and one of the most sought after right now. The screen is 24 inches and an incredible 4.5K resolution that will blow your mind.

iMac de 24 pulgadas M1

As for RAM, it has 8 GB. Internal storage drops to 256GB , but that’s more than enough for any files or apps you need to store. Other interesting facts that you should know is that the CPU has 8 cores while the GPU has 7 cores.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most powerful All in One computers of the moment. But its price is around €1,300, so it is not affordable at all!

Our favorite All in One computers

On this occasion, it is impossible for us to decide on only one of the All in One computers that we have mentioned. Because both Windows and macOS have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are more of Windows, the last HP that we have pointed out is the best alternative. Its 24 inches are perfect for any space, even the smallest. In addition, it has one of the most efficient processors you will find today.

However, if you prefer one of Apple ‘s devices, the best is the 2021 iMac with M1 chip. It has features that are difficult to match, as well as a very elaborate design. The final decision will depend a lot on the use you make of your computer, because both are a very good choice!