Disable this feature in Windows 10 if you meet these requirements

In most cases we come across functions that, in one way or another, try to improve the general performance of our Windows operating system. We have at our fingertips a multitude of features and applications that will help us. In these lines we will talk about one of them that is very important but that sometimes you should deactivate.

It is more than likely that most of you know a good number of programs that are responsible for managing the computer’s processor, RAM, or disk drives. Similarly, Microsoft is responsible for including certain features in the operating system to help us control these important elements of the PC. Now we are going to talk about a useful functionality that we can sometimes deactivate if we meet a series of requirements related to the computer’s hardware and that could be harmful.

Disable this feature in Windows 10 if you meet these requirements

Specifically, we refer to the function called Superfetch. It is a feature that has several versions of Windows among us, although it is not very well known at first. In addition, Microsoft itself defines it as one more to improve the performance of its operating system.

What good is Superfetch on Windows

So that you have an idea, we will tell you that the operation of Superfetch focuses on managing the RAM memory of the computer . Specifically in the way in which the operating system uses it by default in Windows. Therefore, the feature analyzes how this excess RAM memory is used on the computer at all times. This is something that refers to its use by all the applications running at that moment.

In this way and thanks to this functionality that we are talking about, the system tries to speed up the performance of the applications that we use the most on a day-to-day basis. This is something that is achieved by loading them in advance to achieve optimal execution in most cases. In short, thanks to a correct use of the Superfetch function, we can open those Windows programs that we use more frequently much more quickly.

But with everything and with it there are certain circumstances in which we can deactivate this feature in the system, as we will show you below.

Disable this feature if you need it

Although it is not common in most cases, on certain occasions it has been seen that this feature can negatively affect the general operation of Windows. It is for this and other reasons why some users prefer to disable it on their computers. And it is that it can also be the case that its mere operation consumes an excess of processor, something that can be clearly seen in the System Task Manager .

It is also important to know that this malfunction can be obvious if we have an old computer or something limited in terms of internal specifications. This means that sometimes Superfetch affects the performance of the team in a way contrary to what it would be supposed. Therefore, to deactivate the feature we only have to locate it in the Windows Services section.

Superfetch Windows

We click on the corresponding entry of the function and in the upper left corner of the window that appears we will be able to stop its operation. Sometimes this will free up CPU usage on your computer and improve your computer’s performance.