4 clumsy-proof editors to make a video and not make a fool of yourself

Just a few years ago, editing videos from our PC was a task limited to some professionals with the right hardware and software for it. But things have changed a lot in recent times and these jobs are available to most. Next, we are going to show you some interesting video editors that are very simple to use.

In fact, most of the computers we have at home are able to run this is programs to edit videos without any problem. The hardware demands of these are much lower than what we could find in the past. In addition, the developers of these applications today try to make these tasks much easier for us thanks to the functions and interface they offer us.

4 clumsy-proof editors to make a video

Hence, even if we are new users in this type of work, with a little patience we can obtain really striking results. In addition, it is not necessary for us to use complex software solutions, we leave that to the most professional. Most of the video editing functions that we need at home can be found in these simple programs that we are talking about.

Precisely for all this, below we are going to talk about a selection of video editors for these specific contents, very simple to use.

VirtualDub exportar como imagen


This is one of the simplest and most popular proposals that we can use right now to edit videos and also at no cost. Specifically, we find an open source program that has been with us for years and is one of the best known even for novice users. It puts at our disposal a multitude of functions to facilitate these tasks and includes several decoders, encoders and filters. Also, over time its developers have been improving the user interface to make it more intuitive and valid for most.


If what we are looking for is to complicate our lives as little as possible when editing our content of this type, this is also a good option. We find software that is compatible with most of the current file formats and that at the same time aims to make these video editing tasks easier for us.

It is worth mentioning that we find it available for both Windows-based desktop computers and mobile devices. In addition, many of its functions are focused on allowing us to adapt the videos to share them later on social networks.


Here we find another interesting open source editor capable of meeting the needs of most users. Shotcut offers us a more complete user interface than the rest of the proposals mentioned. And it is that this is a software solution for video editing that aims to focus both on new users in these matters, as well as on more advanced ones. In addition, it is compatible with almost all current formats and has file conversion tasks.


We are going to finish with a software that could be considered one of the benchmarks for years for these editing tasks. It is also an open source project that has some very interesting functions for users with little experience in these tasks. We have the possibility of easily adding new video channels and it presents us with some functions for the compression of this content. In addition, we can easily divide our projects into several parts.